General notes regarding the site/tree

  • Fonts - on most pages, there is no specified font, and text will be displayed in your browser's default font.  Using Internet Explorer, I prefer Arial as the default font, with text size set to Medium.  But what do I know?  Use whichever font/size suits you.

  • Locations - unless otherwise stated, all events occurred in England.

  • Contributions - many branches of the tree have been researched by others.  In most cases, I have neither the time nor the inclination to attempt to verify their research. 

  • Dates - as a general rule, pre-1752 dates have been converted from the Julian Calendar to the (modern) Gregorian Calendar.  In some cases, dual dates are used instead, e.g. 1724/1725.  I have yet to decide which I prefer...

  • Transcripts - I would like to have included scanned copies of original documents, etc, but this would take too much of my allotment of webspace.  Transcripts of source data have been used instead.  Webspace thus conserved will hopefully be used for more photos, eventually...



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