The will of George Haggar, 1834

Will made 20 Jun 1832  .  Testator buried 3 Apr 1834  .  Will proved 11 Aug 1834

This is the last Will and Testament of me

George Haggar of Therfield in the County of Hertford Sheep Jobber that is to say

I give and bequeath unto my Brother Richard Haggar now living at Preston in the

County of Lancaster the Sum of fifty pounds sterling I give and bequeath unto Ann H
  Sharp? Daughter of my Sister Sarah Heading the Sum of ten pounds sterling I give and
  bequeath unto Mary Freeman another Daughter of my said Sister Sarah Heading the
  Sum of ten pounds sterling I give and bequeath unto the Son of my said Sister Sarah
  Heading the Sum of ten pounds sterling I give and bequeath unto Joseph Lisles? Grandson
  of my said Sister Sarah Heading the Sum of five pounds sterling I give and bequeath
  unto Naomi the Daughter of my Brother Lavender Haggar the Sum of ten pounds
  sterling I give and bequeath unto each of the five Grandchildren of my Sister John
  Haggar (that is to say) Thomas  Mary  William  Ester and John the Sum of five pounds
  sterling I give and bequeath unto my friend William Camp of Therfield aforesaid Church
  Clerk? the Sum of ten pounds sterling as a mark of my regard for him and by way of
  recompensing him for the trouble I have given him about my Affairs I give and
  bequeath unto Mary the Daughter of my said Brother Lavender Haggar the Gold Ring which was
  my late Mothers I give and devise unto Robert Leete the Son of Simeon Leete of Kelshall
  in the County of Hertford Pig Jobber All that my messuage or tenement and premises situate
  and being at Sandon in the County of Hertford which I purchased of Mr. John Bray Feast?
  to hold to the said Robert Leete his heirs and assigns for ever I give and bequeath unto
  the said Robert Leete the Sum of five pounds Sterling I give and bequeath unto the said
  William Camp my Executor hereinafter named all the rest residue and remainder
  of my monies and securities for money money due to me on mortgage And also all
  my household goods and furniture Linen china and all other my personal Estate
  and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever not hereinbefore by me given and bequeathed Upon
  trust that he the Said William Camp his executors or administrators do and shall absolutely
  Sell and Dispose of the said household goods and Furniture plate Linen china and Effects
  either by public auction or private contract and in such way and manner as to him
  or them may seem best for the best price or prices in money that can reasonably
  had or obtained for the same and after payment thereout of all expenses attending such
  sale or sales together also with all my just debts funeral expenses and the charges
  of proving this my will upon trust that he the said William Camp his Executors or Admors
  do and shall pay the residue of such monies so by me bequeathed to him as aforesd.
  and also the monies arising by such sale or sales as aforesaid unto and equally betw
  een? All and every the Children of my Brother Richard Haggar who shall be living
  at the time of my decease and the Children of those that may be then dead And I do
  hereby declare that the receipt or receipts of the said William Camp his Executors or Admors
  for all or any Sum or Sums of money which shall be received by him under
  and by virtue of the trust of this my will shall be a good and sufficient discharge
  or good and sufficient discharges to the person or persons so paying the same and that
  such person or persons shall not after such receipt or receipts shall be given to him or
  them be bound or liable to see to the application of such monies and promises? or any
  part thereof or be answerable or accountable for the loss misapplication or nonapplica
  tion thereof or any part thereof And lastly I nominate constitute and appoint the
  said William Camp sole Executor of this my will and do desire my said Executor
  to have me buried in the inside of the Parish Church of Kelshall and to have
  a Grave Stone with a proper inscription laid over my Grave and hereby revoking all
  former and other wills by me at any time heretofore made do declare this only to be
  and contain my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I the said George Haggar
  the Testator have to the first Sheet of this my last Will and Testament contained in
  two sheets of paper set my hand and to this second and last my hand and Seal
  the twentieth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
  thirty two  =  The Mark and Seal of X George Haggar  =  GH  =  Signed Sealed
  published and declared by the said George Haggar the Testator as and for his last
  Will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request _? in his presence and
  the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses the bequest to
  the five grandchildren of my Brother John Haggar in the first sheet of this my will
  being first erased  =  Thos. _ortham Jr  =  J. H. Lyon  =  John Seabrook  _?

Proved at London the 11th August 1834 before the Judge by the Oath of

William Camp the sole Extor to whom admon was granted having been first sworn

(by Common) duly to administer

[Copy of will purchased online from the National Archives]



Beneficiaries who have not (yet) been added to the tree
George HAGGER's 1834 will mentions several previously unknown relatives.  Unfortunately, from the limited information contained in the will, it is impossible to ascertain exactly how some of them fit into the family tree.  Future research may uncover the 'missing links', but in the meantime, the following are omitted from the tree :-
  Joseph LISLES.  Recorded as grandson of George HAGGER's sister Sarah, but his parents are not named in the will, so he cannot be placed on the tree.  So who was Joseph LISLES?  See Postscript below for a possible answer.
  Naomi HAGGER.  Recorded as the daughter of George HAGGER's brother Lavender.  We know that Lavender HAGGER was a "dissenter", who failed to baptise any of his children, and therefore we cannot be sure of their names - nor even how many children there were.  But, as far as is known, he did not have a daughter Naomi.  However, his son Lavender had a daughter Naomi, so maybe the writer of the will made an error...?  Until this anomaly is resolved, Naomi has not been included on the tree.
  Thomas, Mary, William, Ester, & John (HAGGER?).  Recorded as the grandchildren of George HAGGER's brother John, but (like Joseph LISLES above) their parents are not named, so they cannot be placed on the tree..
Further research may enlighten us about the above mysteries.....


The 'official copy' of the above will is exactly what it says - a copy - made after the will was proved.  Like any other transcript of an original document, it could therefore contain errors - both spelling and factual. 
The will names several mystery "new" relatives, whose existence cannot be corroborated from other sources, e.g. the IGI.  While trying to make sense of George HAGGAR's "new" relatives, Mike Hagger has hit upon the (quite credible) scenario described here.....

The will of George Haggar - Who is Joseph Lisles?


(NOTE:  None of the conclusions in this article have been verified against original sources)

1     Background
There is very good and sufficient evidence to show that the will is that of George Hagga(e)r who was:
Baptised at Therfield on 18 October 1747
Buried at Kelshall on 3 April 1834.
He was the son of Richard Hagger and Sarah (nee Lavender).
The will mentions 3 (maybe 4) of his siblings viz:
  My sister Sarah Heading
My brother Richard Haggar
My brother Lavender Haggar
The possible fourth is a struck out reference to “My sister John Haggar”
Sarah, Richard, Lavender and John are all known children of Richard and Sarah.
The will identifies a number of children and grandchildren of George’s siblings including “Joseph Lisles, grandson of my said sister Sarah Heading”.  Positive identification of Joseph is not yet possible, but it may be that a successful proof rests on an incorrect transcription from the original will.
Evidence of the name “Heading” in and around the area of N Herts is very sparse.  No evidence of a Hagger/Heading marriage has been found, or a subsequent Heading/Lisles marriage that could lead to a grandson Lisles.
If on the other hand “Heading” is incorrect and the real married name of Sarah was “Beadle” (it is not too difficult to confuse a capital B for an H; the next three letters are the same; the ending may be diffuse) then a possibility emerges not only to find Joseph Lisles, but also to identify the names “Sharp” and “Freeman” in the will.
2     The (tentative) evidence
There is a marriage of a Sarah Hagger to a Thomas Beadle at Buckland on 18 September 1774.
There is a baptism on 8 November 1789 at Buckland of an Anne Beadle to Thomas Beadle and Sarah.  Sarah would by then have been 44 years old, but her mother was 47 when her final child was baptised.
There is a marriage of an Ann Beadle to a Philip Sharpe on 6 June 1818 at Buckland  - thus Ann could be the “Ann H Sharp, daughter of my sister Sarah Heading”
There is a baptism on 10 November 1776 at Buckland of a Mary Beadle to Thomas Beadle and Sarah.
There is a marriage of a Mary Beadle to a Joseph Lyles on 17 Dec 1804 at Cottered.
There is a baptism on 13 May 1805 at Cottered of a Jos Liles to Jos Liles and Mary - thus Jos could be the “Joseph Lisles? Grandson of my said Sister Sarah Heading”
There are two burials at Cottered in 1805 of Joseph Liles; one on 31 January and the other on 27 February.  Either could be the husband of Mary.
There is a marriage of a Mary Lyles to a Thomas Freeman at Therfield on 2 July 1809 – thus Mary could be the “Mary Freeman another Daughter of my said Sister Sarah Heading”
The only other known baptism of a child to Thomas Beadle and Sarah is of John Bea(e)dle at Buckland on 22nd July 1781 – thus John could be “the son of my said Sister Sarah Heading”
George Hagger’s sister Sarah is not a beneficiary in his will, made in 1832.  There is a burial of a Sarah Beadle, age 80, at Buckland on 10 January 1822.
Mike Hagger
14th September 2004

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