The will of Henry Green, 1727

Will made 13 Dec 1726 . Testator died [date unknown] . Will proved 1 Sep 1727

In the Name of God Amen

I Henry Green of Bicknacre Hamlett in the Parish of Woodham

Ferris in the County of Essex Yeom being Aged and infirm in Health

But of sound mind do make and declare this my last Will and Testament

(hereby revoking and making null and void all former Wills by me

made either in Word or Writing) Imprimis I humbly give and

commend my Soul into the gracious hands of Almighty God my

Creator in hopes of remission of all my Sins and eternal Life through

the meritts and intercession of my Blessed Lord Redeemer Jesus

Christ and my Body I committ to the Earth in hopes of a blessed

resurrection which I desire should be Buryed by the care and

discretion of my Executors and Supervisor hereinafter named in the

Burying Place in the Parish of Tilbury by Clare in the said County which

was erected and made By Mr Joseph Butcher deceased and as to my

Worldly Estate I dispose thereof as followeth Item I give and bequeath

all that my Coppyhold Estate with its Appurtenances Situate Lying

and being in Bicknacre Hamlett aforesaid and now in the Occupation

of Joseph Hawkes the Widow Juniper and the Widow Waller to my late

Servant Maid Sarah Barker now the wife of Joseph Hawkes of

Bicknacre Hamlett abovesaid for the term of her Naturall Life and

after her decease I give my abovesaid Coppyhold Estate with its

Appurtances to my late Man Servant Isaac Barker and to his

Heires and Assignes for ever upon this condition and with this

Proviso that my said Servant Maid or her Husband Joseph Hawkes

do (out of the Rents Issues and Profitts of my said Estate during the

time and term of the Naturall Life of my said Maid Servant

Sarah and out of other my Personall Estate herein not by me to

others bequeathed) keep maintaine and Provide sufficient Meat

Drink Washing Lodging Nursing Apparell of linnen and

Woolen Firing and all other necessaryes whatsoever in a

Christian like and decent manner for me the above named Henry

Green the Testator for and during the term of my Naturall Life

and upon the non performance of the above mentioned conditions

the said gift of the said Estate shall be void as also all my other

gifts and Legacyes herein bequeathed to my said late Maid Servant

Sarah or her husband Joseph Hawkes together with his Share or

part of Executorship herein mentioned and I do give and bequeath

my said Coppyhold Estate to my late Man Servant Isaac Barker

and his Heires for ever upon the abovesaid conditions as also all

my other Goods Chattels and my Personall Estate whatsoever I

give to the said Isaac Barker and my trusty Friend John Joslyn

of Woodham Ferris Hall with this Proviso that they do out of my

Land and Personall Estate perform the conditions above mentioned

that relate to my self during my Life and the Burying of me as above

limitted and pay my just Debts and Legacyes herein mentioned

Item I give to Mr Wild Minister in Terling the Sum of Ten

Shillings for Preaching of my Funerall Sermon to be paid to him

immediately after the said Sermon Item I give my trusty Friend

John Joslyn on account of his being Supervisor of this my Will

the Sum of Thirty Shillings and I nominate and appoint Isaac

Barker my late Servant and Joseph Hawkes of Bicknacre my

joint Executors and my trusty Friend John Joslyn aforesaid

Supervisor of this my last Will and Testament to see that this my

Will be duly and truely performed and I give to my Two

Executors for their trouble and expense in executing the trust

reposed in them the Sum of Thirty Shillings apiece and I

make my late Servant Maid Sarah Barker the Wife of

Joseph Hawkes upon condition of her or her Husband Joseph

Hawkes their performance of the above mentioned conditions

relating to my own Nursing and Maintenance during my

Naturall Life my Residuary Legatee of all my Personall

Estate declaring this only to be my last Will and Testament In

Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and affixed

my Seal the Thirteenth Day of December Annoq D[omi]ni 1726

Decimo Tertio Georgii Regis Henry Green his mark Signed Sealed

published and declared By the said Henry Green the Testator to be his

last Will and Testament in the presence of us Jno Stanes  Will

Stilleman  Frances Stilleman her Mark

[The probate details of this will are in Latin, and have not been fully deciphered yet, but the will was proved on 1st September 1727 - executors Isaac Barker and Joseph Hawkes]

[Copied at Essex Record Office - document reference (on microfiche) 341 BR 19]

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