Transcripts of Census Returns

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Barker B
William Barker, and Isaac & Lucy Barker, and family

 1851, Hamlet House, Prittlewell, Essex  HO107 1777 f272 p2
 William Barker  Head  Wid 62   Bailiff  Gt Stambridge Essex
 James Austin Lodger  Mar 27   Ag Lab  Not Known
 Hannah Austin  Wife  Mar 21     Not Known
 Maria Austin  Dau      Prittlewell


 1851, Colemans, Prittlewell, Essex  HO107 1777 f278 p14
 Isaac Barker  Head Mar 64   Ag Lab  Prittlewell Essex
 Lucy Barker  Wife Mar 58   Monthly Nurse  Canewdon Essex
 Daniel Barker  Son U 18   Ag Lab  Prittlewell Essex
 Mary Ann Barker  Gdau      Prittlewell Essex


 1861, Chalkwell Hall, Prittlewell, Essex  RG9 1084 f45 p7
 George P Mason  Head  Wid 59   Landowner  Lair? Leicestershire
 Daniel Barker  Serv  Marr 29   Ag Lab  Prittlewell Essex
 Catherine Barker  Serv  Marr 28   Domestic  Barling Essex

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