Transcripts of Census Returns

Each page contains census transcripts relating to a particular family group, including links to the tree

Page Description

Anderson A Samuel & Eleanor (Edwards) Anderson, and family

Anderson B William & Sarah (Bullard) Anderson, and family

Banks John & Sarah Banks, and family

Barker A Samuel & Mary Ann (Collins) Barker, and family

Barker B William Barker, and Isaac & Lucy Barker, and family

Blower A Thomas & Alice (Alcock) Blower, and family [except those on Blower B]

Blower B Robert & Anna Blower, William & Sarah Blower, and Mary Blower, and families

Clark Albert/Alfred & Maria (Parsley) Clark, and family

Collins Thomas & Mary (Pavett) Collins, and Edward & Sophia (Collins) Morley, and families

Condon William & Mary (Crowley) Condon, and family

Day John & Phillis (Hailett) Day, and family

Edwards Jacob & Mary Ann (Moore) Edwards, and family

Garrod A William & Elizabeth (Bilham) Garrod, and family [except those on Garrod B]

Garrod B Robert & Lucy Garrod, Henry & Mary Garrod, and William & Frances Swinger, and families

Gilby Joseph & Jemima (Nunn) Gilby, and family

Hagger H Henry & Ann (Anderson) Hagger, and Henry & Eliza (Gilby) Hagger, and families

Hagger J John & Mary (Nodes) Hagger, and family

Hagger J2 John & Ann (Matthews) Hagger, and family [of Graveley]

Hagger J3 John & Ann (Berry) Hagger, and family

Hagger L Lavender [& Elizabeth (Field)] Hagger, and family

Hagger R Richard [& Elizabeth (Rogerson)] Hagger, and family

Hagger T Thomas & Mary (Draper) Hagger, and family

Hagger W William & Hannah (King) Hagger, and family

Hagger WA William [of Anstey] & Catherine (Stoton) Hagger, and family

Hagger WG William & Sarah (Gatward) Hagger, and family

Mills Descendants of James & Sarah Mills

Monk/Skinner George & Ann Monk, James & Anne Skinner, and families

Newton A Martha Newton & William Feakes, and family [except those on Newton B]

Newton B Thomas & Mary Newton, and William F & Mary Newton, and families

Newton C William & Elizabeth (Miller) Newton, and Thomas & Mary (Bensley) Newton, and families

Newton D [Robert &] Hannah (Bullard) Newton, and James & Martha (Drew) Newton, and families

Phillips Edward [& Frances (Byam)] Phillips, and family

Pracy A Family of John William (1779-1831), except children on Pracy B and Pracy C

Pracy B Families of Edmund J (1808-1890), George T (1812-1853) and Henry C (1827-1909)

Pracy C Families of Joseph W (1820-1879), Mary A (1823-1900) and Elizabeth J (1815-1875)

Pracy D Family of Thomas (1781-1846), except sons Thomas and Richard on Pracy E

Pracy E Families of Thomas (1810-1840) and Richard (1817-1852)

Pracy F Families of the daughters of Edmund & Lucy (except Rosetta)

Reynolds William & Lydia (Anderson) Reynolds, and family

Ridgwell John & Sarah Ridgwell, and family

Sach Joseph & Sarah (West) Sach, and family

Stoton James & Mary (Edwards) Stoton, and family

Thorncroft Richard & Fanny (Woodgate) Thorncroft, and family

Trenchard Jacob & Hannah (Symes) Trenchard, and family

Turner Charles & Elizabeth (Banks) Turner, and family

Ullinger Jacob & Elizabeth (Godfrey) Ullinger, John & Sophia (Drake) Godfrey, and families

Webb A William & Sarah(s) Webb, and family [except those on Webb B]

Webb B Descendants of William & Sarah (McNeal) Webb [except those on Webb A]

Witt A William [& Alice] Witt, and family

Witt B John Lubson & Miriam (Bown) Witt, and family

Witt C George Witt and wives Jane, Margaret & Eliza, and families

Witt D Charles & Jane (Kimber) Witt, and family


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