Transcripts of Census Returns

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Hagger L
Lavender [& Elizabeth (Field)] Hagger, and family

 1841, The Village, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/8 f4 p2
 Lavender Hagger     70   Shopkeeper  Yes
 Lavender Hagger     35   Blacksmith  Yes
 Naomi Hagger     13     Yes
 Rebecca Hagger        Yes
 Mary Hagger     40   F. S.  Yes


 1841, The Village, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/8 f4 p2+3
 William Hagger     35   Publican  Yes
 Mary Hagger     35     No
 Winifred Hagger        Yes
 John Hagger        Yes
 Eliza Walker     15   F. S.  Yes


 1851, The Village, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f240 p16
 Lavender Hagger  Head  Wid 84   Shop Keeper  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Mary Hagger  Dau  Unm 52   House Keeper  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Naomi Hagger  Gdau  Unm 23   Dressmaker  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1851, The Village, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f240 p17
 Mary Hagger  Head  Wid 46   Victualler  Steeple Morden, Cambs
 Winifred Hagger  Dau  Unm 19   Domestic Duties  Steeple Morden, Cambs
 John Hagger  Son  Unm 17   Blacksmith App  Kelshall, Herts
 Marther Hagger  Dau    Scholar  Kelshall, Herts
 Marther Hitch  Sister  Unm 34   House Servant  Steeple Morden, Cambs


 1861, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  RG9 812 f135 p5
 Mary Hagger  Head  Unm 63   Gen Shopkeeper  Herts Therfield
 Esther Wills  Cousin  Unm 42   Assistant  Midddlesex Ponders End Enfield


 1871, General Shop, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f53 p13
 Mary Hagger  Head  Unm 72   Gen Shopkeeper  Herts Therfield
 Esther Wills  Cousin  Unm 51   Assistant  Midddlesex Enfield


 1881, The Village, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  RG11 1411 f131 p7
 Mary Hagger  Head  Unm 82   Grocer  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Esther Wills  Cousin  Unm 62   Grocer's Assistant  Ponders End, Middlesex
 Winifred Hagger  Niece  Unm 20   Dressmaker  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1841, Hoops Beer Shop, Hay Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f38 p15
 Thomas Hagger     44   Cordwainer  Yes
 Mary Hagger     41     No
 Lavender Hagger     16   Blacksmith App.  Yes
 Elizath. Hagger        Yes
 Willm. Hagger        Yes


 1851, Ducks Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f258 p27
 Thomas Hagger  Head  Marr 54   Farmer 41 Acres  Herts Kelshall
 Mary Hagger  Wife  Marr 52   Farmers Wife  Bedfordshire Stotfold
 Lavender Hagger  Son  Unm 25   Smith  Herts Therfield
 Eliza Hester Hagger  Dau  Marr 18   Ag Labs Wife  Herts Therfield
 William Hagger  SinL  Marr 26   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 William Hagger  Son  Unm 15   Farmer Son  Herts Therfield


 1861, Hay Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG9 813 f123 p5
 William Hagger  Head  Marr 34   Agricultural Labourer  Herts Therfield
 Elizabeth H Hagger  Wife  Marr 28   Labourer's Wife  Herts Therfield
 Lavender Hagger  Son    Labourer's Son  Herts Therfield
 Naomi Hagger  Dau    Labourer's Dau  Herts Therfield
 Mary H Hagger  Dau    Labourer's Dau  Herts Therfield
 Winifred R Hagger  Dau   6m   Labourer's Dau  Herts Therfield
 Mary Hagger Mother  Wid 60   Ag Lab's Widow  Beds Stotfold
 John Manning Lodger   Unm 58   Wheelwright  Herts Therfield


 1871, The Hoops Public House, Hay Green, Therfield, Herts.  RG10 1360 f119 p19
 Mary Hagger  Head  Wid 71   Publican (5 Acs. of Pasture)  Stotfold, Hertfordshire
 William Hagger  SinL  Wid 46   Agricultural Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Mary Hagger  Gdau   13     Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Winifred Hagger  Gdau   10   Scholar  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Thomas Hagger  Gson    Scholar  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Edward Hagger  Lodger  Unm 42   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1881, Burns Hall, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f112 p8
 Henry Rayner  Head  Marr 24   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Mary E Rayner  Wife  Marr 23   Ag Lab's Wife  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Henry J Rayner  Son   2m     Therfield, Hertfordshire
 William Hagger  FinL  Wid 55   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Thomas W Hagger  BinL  Unm 18   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1841, Ducks Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f38 p14
 James Robinson     25   Ag Lab  Yes
 Martha Robinson     25     Yes
 Rebecca Robinson        Yes
 John Robinson        Yes
 James Robinson        Yes
 Thos. Robinson     18   Ag Lab  Yes
 Thos. Hagger     13   Ag Lab  Yes


 1851, Village, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f260 p30
 Sarah Walker  Head Widow 50   Carrier From & to Royston  Herts Sandon
 John Walker  Neph Un 30   Farmer Bailiff  Herts Kelshall
 Thomas Hagger Lodger Mar 23   Widower Cordwainer  Herts Therfield
 William Charter Lodger Un 18   Tailor  Cambs Steeple Morden


 1861, 17 Charles Place, Hatcham Road, Camberwell, Surrey  RG9 385 f6/7 p30/31
 Thomas Hagger Head Mar 33   Cordwainer  Hertfordshire Therfield
 Elizabeth Hagger Wife Mar 31     Hertfordshire Cottered
 Lavender De Quincey Stepson    Scholar  Lancashire Todmorton
 James P W De Quincey Stepson    Scholar  Lancashire Todmorton
 Bertha H W De Quincey Stepdau      Lancashire Todmorton


 1871, Norfolk Cottage, Leicester Road, New Barnet, Hertfordshire  RG10 1332 f27 p43
 Thomas Cole Head Mar 38   Gardener  Beds Dunton
 Elizabeth Cole Wife Mar 41     Herts Cottered
 Lavinder Haggar Stepson   17   Labourer Unemployed  Yorkshire Todmorden
 James P W Haggar Stepson   15   Errand Boy Unemployed  Yorkshire Todmorden
 Vivian W Haggar Stepson    Scholar  Herts Stevenage
 Julian O W Haggar Stepson    Scholar  Herts Stevenage
 Percy W Haggar Stepson    Scholar  Herts Barnet
 Bertha E Cole Daur   7m     Herts Barnet
 Anne Cole Daur    Scholar  Beds Dunton
 Emma Pett Serv   15   General Serv  Herts Hormead
 Amelia Nichols Nursechild   6m     Herts Barnet


 1881, Leicester Road, New Barnet, Hertfordshire  RG11 1369 f54 p37
 Thomas Cole Head Mar 48   Gardener  Beds Dunton
 Elizabeth Cole Wife Mar 51     Cottered Nr. Buntingford
 Bertha Cole Daur Unm 10     Herts New Barnet
 Vivian Hagges Son Unm 18   Grocers Assistant  Herts Stevenage
 Percy Hagges Son Unm 14     Herts New Barnet


 1891, Pear Tree Cottage, Leicester Road, New Barnet, Hertfordshire  RG12 1053 f48 p39
 Thomas Cole Head M 58   Gentleman's Gardener  Beds Dunton
 Elizabeth Cole Wife M 61     Herts Cottered
 Percy W Hagger Stepson S 24     Herts Barnet
 Bertha E Cole Daur S 20     Herts Barnet
 Bertha E Hagger Gdaur S    London Hornsey


 1901, Leicester Road, New Barnet, Hertfordshire  RG13 1231 f35 p2
 William G Hutchings Head M 31   School Attendance Officer  Middx Hadley
 Bertha E Hutchings Wife M 30     Herts New Barnet
 George T H C Hutchings Son      Middx Hadley
 Lillian A Hutchings Dau   10m     Herts New Barnet
 Thomas Cole F in L Widr 68   Jobbing Gardener  Beds Dunton


 1881, 135 Pembroke Street, Islington, Middlesex  RG11 235 f23 p40
 Lavender Hagger Head Mar 27   Carman  Yorkshire
 Eliza Hagger Wife Mar 29     Middx Paddington
 Thomas Hagger Son      Middx Hadley
 Kate Hagger Daur      Middx Barnet
 Betha Hagger Daur      Middx St Pancras
 Lavender Hagger Son   1m     Middx Islington


 1891, 22 Clayton Street, Islington, Middlesex  RG12 158 f101 p51
 Lavender Hagger Head M 38   Carman  Yorks Leeds
 Eliza Hagger Wife M 39     London Paddington
 Thomas Hagger Son S 18   Printers Labourer  Middx Barnet
 Kate Hagger Daur S 16   Tie Maker Hale?  Middx Barnet
 Bertha Hagger Daur   11   Scholar  London St Pancras
 Julian Hagger Son   10   Scholar  London Islington
 Florence Hagger Daur    Scholar  London Islington
 Nellie Hagger Daur   5m     London Islington
 Thomas Lansley Boarder   16   Printers Labourer  London St Pancras


 1901, 22 Clayton Street, Islington, Middlesex  RG13 181 f99 p12
 Lavender Hagger Head M 47   General Carman  Yorkshire N.K.
 Eliza Hagger Wife M 49     London Paddington
 Florence M Hagger Daur S 18   Tin Foil Works  London Islington
 Annie Hagger Daur      London Islington


 1891, Richmond Villa, Bulwer Road, New Barnet, Hertfordshire  RG12 1053 f46 p36
 Vivian W Hagger Head M 28   Gardener & Florist  Herts Stevenage
 Hester Hagger Wife M 34     Cornwall Breage
 Alfred T Hagger Son S    Herts Barnet
 Vivian W Hagger Son S    Herts Barnet
 John R Hagger Son S 1m     Herts Barnet


 1901, Monia Villa, Victoria Road, New Barnet, Hertfordshire  RG13 1232 f36 p1
 Vivian W Hagger Head M 45   Jobbing Gardener  Herts Stevenage
 Hester Hagger Wife M 44     Cornwall Breage
 Alfred T Hagger Son S 14   Printer's Errand Boy  Herts Barnet
 Vivian W Hagger Son S 11     Herts Barnet
 John R Hagger Son S 10     Herts Barnet
 Julian C Hagger Son S    Herts Barnet
 Charles H Dunnill Boarder S 18   Carpenter  Yorks Wakefield


 1881, Dores Green, Crondall, Hampshire  RG11 1250 f22 p5
 Lavender Hagger  Head  Mar 29   Ag Lab  Herts Herfield
 Sylvia Hagger  Wife  Mar 26     Hants Odiham
 Agnis Hagger  Dau   8m     Hants Crondall


 1891, Hoghatch, Hale, Farnham, Surrey  RG12 569 f10 p14
 Lavender Hagger  Head  Mar 36   Agricultural Labourer  Hertford Therfield
 Silvia Hagger  Wife  Mar 34     Hants Odiham
 William Hagger  Son    Scholar  Surrey Farnham
 Antoinette Hagger  Dau    Scholar  Surrey Farnham
 Percival Hagger  Son      Surrey Farnham
 Annie R Hagger  Dau      Surrey Farnham


 1891, 30 Borough, Farnham, Surrey  RG12 568 f6 p5
 John Price  Head M 34   Tea & Tobacco Dealer  Middlesex Brentford
 Catherine E Price  Wife M 34     Norfolk Kings Lynn
 Agnes Haggar  Serv S 17   General Servant Domestic  Hants Crondall


 1901, Hale, Farnham, Surrey  RG13 615 f39 p17
 Lavender Hagger  Head M _7   Labourer Nursery Garden  Herts Therfield
 Sylvia Hagger  Wife M 44     Hants Crondall
 Agnes Hagger  Dau S 26   Cook Hospital  Hants Crondall
 William Hagger  Son S 17   General Labourer  Surrey Hale Farnham
 Antynettie Hagger  Dau S 17   Housemaid Domestic  Surrey Hale Farnham
 Rosey Hagger  Dau S 11     Surrey Hale Farnham
 Daisy Hagger  Dau      Surrey Hale Farnham


 1901, Hoghatch, Hale, Farnham, Surrey  RG13 615 f16/17 p24/25
 Henry Stovold Head M 46   General Labourer  Surrey Farnham
 Fanny Stovold Wife M 43     Surrey Farnham
 Emma Stovold Dau M 21     Surrey Farnham
 Elizabeth Stovold Son S 19     Surrey Farnham
 Charles Stovold Dau S 14   General Labourer  Surrey Farnham
 Arthur Stovold Son S    Surrey Farnham
 Frederick Stovold Son S    Surrey Farnham
 Dorothy Stovold Gdau S    Surrey Farnham
 Thomas Haggar SinL M 36   General Labourer  Hertford N.K.

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