Transcripts of Census Returns

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Hagger W
William & Hannah (King) Hagger, and family

 1841, Carters, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f18 p1
 William Hagger     42   Ag Lab  Yes
 Hannah Hagger     35     Yes
 Thomas Hagger     13     Yes
 Edwd. Hagger     12     Yes
 Sarah Hagger     10     Yes
 Judith Hagger        Yes
 Izabella Hagger        Yes


 1851, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f273 p2
 William Hagger  Head  Marr 52   Ag Labourer  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Hannah Hagger  Wife  Marr 47     Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Thomas Hagger  Son  Unm 23   Ag Labourer  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Edward Hagger  Son  Unm 21   Ag Labourer  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Isabella Hagger  Dau   11   School  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Betsey Hagger  Dau    School  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 William Hagger  Son    School  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1861, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG9 813 f122 p3+4
 Thomas Hagger  Head  Unm 33   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Elizabeth Hagger  Sister  Unm 18     Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Edward Hagger Brother  Unm 30   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1871, Village, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f120 p21
 Thomas Hagger  Head  Unm 42   Groom  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1881, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f110 p4
 Thomas Hagger  Head  Unm 53   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1891, George's Yard, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG12 1102 f100 p3
 Thomas Hagger  Head  Unm 42   Farmer  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1881, Dane End, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f114 p11
 Edward Hagger  Head  Unm 53   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1891, Dane End, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG12 1102 f102 p7
 Edward Hagger  Head  Unm 62   Farmer  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1901, Hay Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG13 1293 f77 p1
 Edward Hagger  Head S 72   Agricultural Labourer  Herts Therfield


 1871, School Cottages, Tharfield, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f125
 Mary Reynolds  Head  Wid 85   Farm Bailiff Widow  Ashwell, Hertfordshire
 Elizabeth Hagger  Lodger  Unm 26   Teacher  Tharfield, Hertfordshire


 1881, The Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f124 p2
 Elizabeth Hagger  Head  Unm 35   School Teacher  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1891, Foxhall, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  RG12 1102 f6 p6
 Nathaniel Hall  Head M 29   Farmer  Cambs  Morden
 Mary Ann Hall  Wife M 43     Herts  Kelshall
 Francis Joseph Hall  Son      Herts  Kelshall
 Herbert Nathaniel Hall  Son      Herts  Kelshall
 Stanley Matthews Hall  Son      Herts  Kelshall
 Emily Matthews  SinL S 44     Herts  Kelshall
 Elizabeth Hagger  Visitor S 45   Assistant Teacher  Herts Therfield


 1901, Chapel Row, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG13 1293 f78 p4
 Elizabeth Hagger  Head S 54   Assistannt Board School Teacher  Herts Therfield

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