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Monk & Skinner
George & Ann Monk, James & Anne Skinner, and families

 1841, Ely Lane, Tunbridge Wells, Kent  HO107 463/8 f9 p10
 George Monk     35   Ag Lab  N
 Ann Monk     30     N
 Ann Monk        Y


 1851, Leigh, Surrey  HO107 1599/2 f425 p12
 George Monk  Head  Marr 44   Ag Lab  Sussex Brighton
 Ann Monk  Wife  Marr 38     Sussex Wadhurst
 Ann Monk  Dau  Unm 14     Kent Tonbridge Wells
 George Monk  Son      Surrey Leigh
 Henry Monk  Son      Surrey Leigh


 1861, Mynthurst? Cottage, Leigh, Surrey  RG9 444 f129 p6
 George Monk  Head  Marr 58   Cow Man  Sussex Worth
 Ann Monk  Wife  Marr 46     Sussex Wadhurst
 Henry Monk  Son   12   Carter Boy  Surrey Leigh
 Emily Monk  Dau    Scholar  Surrey Leigh
 William Monk  Son    Scholar  Surrey Leigh
 Charles Monk  Son      Surrey Leigh


 1871, Clifton's Lane, Reigate, Surrey  RG10 830 f37 p21
 George Monk  Head  Marr 69   Farm Serv  Sussex Horley
 William Monk  Son  Unm 16   Farm Serv  Surrey Leigh
 Charles Monk  Son  Unm 12   Farm Serv  Surrey Leigh


 1881, 9 Clifton Cottages, Reigate Heath, Surrey  RG11 797 f41 p10
 George Monk  Head  Marr 75   Laundry Man  Sussex Worth
 Ann Monk  Wife  Marr 68   Laundress  Sussex Wadhurst
 Albert Monk  Gch    Scholar  London High Holborn
 Elizabeth Mitchell  Serv   16   Dom Serv. General  London H___y St N.K. which


 1841, Lipscomb Farm, Tonbridge, Kent  HO107 463/6 f11 p15
 James Skinner     50   Farmer  No
 Ann Skinner     50     Yes
 Jonathan Skinner     20   Ag Lab  No
 Alfred Skinner     15   Ag Lab  No
 George Skinner     10   Ag Lab  Yes
 Charles Skinner        Yes
 Sarah Marchant     15   M. S.  Yes
 John Miles     60   Ag Lab  No


 1851, Leigh, Surrey  HO107 1599/2 f425 p12
 James Skinner  Head  Marr 58   Bailliff & Farmer, 189 Acres  Ticehurst, Sussex
 Anne Skinner  Wife  Marr 59     Winchelsea, Sussex
 Thomas Thorncroft  Serv  Unm 25   Ag Lab  Pembury, Kent
 George Beattie Lodger   Unm 24   Police Constable  Warblington, Hants.
 Robert Scott Stable Lodger  Unm 33   Architect & Surveyor  London, Middlesex

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