Transcripts of Census Returns

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Pracy A
Family of John William (1779-1831), except children on Pracy B and Pracy C

 1841, 1 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, Middlesex  HO107 709/6 f4 p1
 Elizth. Pracy     50   _________?  Y
 Elizth. Pracy     25   Dress Maker  Y
 Joseph Pracy     20   Soap Maker
 Henry Pracy     10     Y


 1851, 4 Motley Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  HO107 1534 f506 p26
 Elizabeth J Pracy  Head  Wid 63   Teacher  Middlx St George in East
 Elizabeth Pracy  Dau  Unm 35   Dressmaker  Middlx Shoreditch
 Henry Pracy  Son  Unm 23   Wharehouseman  Middlx Shoreditch


 1871, 12 Brunswick Street, Haggerston, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG10 465 f83 p50
 Elizabeth J Pracy    Wid 84   Almshouse Annuitant  St Georges Middx
 Emma Crispin    Wid 63   Almshouse Nurse  Reading Berks


 1841, Three Colt Court, Shoreditch, Middlesex  HO107 706/8 f23 p41
 James Ludford     50   Lab  Y
 John Pracy     30   Lab  Y
 Sarah Pracy     25     Y
 John Pracy        Y
 George Pracy        Y
 Ann Pracy     7m     Y


 1851, 5 New Court, St Luke's, Finsbury, Middlesex  HO107 1523 f106/7 p13/14
 John Pracy  Head  Marr 39   Carman  Middlesex
 Sarah Pracy  Wife  Marr 37     Middlesex
 John Pracy  Son   15     Middlesex
 George Pracy  Son   13     Middlesex
 Ann Pracy  Dau   10     Middlesex
 Sarah Pracy  Dau      Middlesex
 Elizth Pracy  Dau      Middlesex


 1861, 2a Kings Head Court, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG9 230 f114 p29
 John W Pracy  Head Mar 50   Carman  Middx Shoreditch
 Sarah Pracy  Wife Mar 47     Middx Bishopsgate
 Ann Pracy  Dau Un
20   Shoe Binder  Middx Shoreditch
 Elizabeth Pracy  Dau Un
11     Middx Shoreditch
 Thomas Pracy  Son Un
   Middx Shoreditch
 Henry Pracy  Son Un
   Middx Shoreditch
 Henry Lacey  Visitor Un
37     Middx Shoreditch


 1871, 40 Brunswick Place, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG10 452 f10 p16
 Edward J Delaforce  Head  Marr 30   Boot Machinist  London
 Anne Delaforce  Wife  Marr 30   Boot Fitter  London
 Sarah Bracy  Visitor Widow 57   None  London


 1881, 39 Maria Street, Haggerston, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG11 402 f74 p34
 Leah Hughes Head Wdo 46   Office Cleaner  Harwell Berks
 Edwin Hughes Son Single 17   Machine Minder  Shoreditch Middlx
 Geo Leggett Border Single 19   Marble Polisher  Bethnal Green Middlx
 Anny Dellyforce Lodger Wdo 40   Boot Machinist  Shoreditch Middlx


 1891, 41 Baroness Road, Bethnal Green, London  RG12 157 f74 p12
 William Baynton Head M 57   Carver  City Road London
 Annie Baynton  Wife M 50     Worship St London
 George Baynton  Son S    Bethnal Green London
 Bertie Baynton Son S    Bethnal Green London


 1861, 8 Luke Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG9 235 f13 p30
 Matthew Jno Mace Head Mar 49   Pewterer  Midx Bethnell Green
 Ann Mace  Wife Mar 46     Midx Limehouse
 Chas Mace  Son Un
20   Shopman  Midx Shoreditch
 Richd Mace Son Un
18   Bookbinder  Midx Shoreditch
 James Ford  Son Un
27   Brush drawer
 Midx Bethnell Green
 Geo Ford Son Un


 1871, 19 Wilks Place, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG10 461 f67 p40
 Matthew Mace Head Marr 60   Pewterer  Shoreditch Hamlet
 Ann Mace  Wife Marr 56     Limehouse Hamlet
 John Cockerton  Head Marr
35   Stage Assistant
 Jane Cockerton  Wife Marr
38   Brush Drawer
 Bethnal Green
 George Ford Lodger
13   Scholar  Shoreditch


 1861, 6 Hereford Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex  RG9 261 f72 p6
 John Pracy  Head  Marr 25   Cabman  Middlesex Shoreditch
 Sarah Pracy  Wife  Marr 25     Lincolnshire Stamford
 George Pracy  Head  Marr 23   Cabman  Middlesex Shoreditch
 Angelina Pracy  Wife  Marr 24     Middlesex Shoreditch


 1871, 9 Pollard Row, Bethnal Green, Middlesex  RG10 494 f71 p16
 John Pracy  Head  Marr 35   Coachman  Shoreditch
 Sarah Pracy  Wife  Marr 35     Stamford Lincoln
 Elizabeth Pracy  Dau    Scholar  Shoreditch
 Verthenice Cates Visitor   18   Domestic Servant  Bethnal Green


 1881, 8 New Inn Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG11 383 f35 p16
 John Pracey  Head  Marr 44   Coachman  Shoreditch
 Sarah Pracey  Wife  Marr 44   Coachman's Wife  Shoreditch
 Elizabeth Pracey  Dau   19     Shoreditch
 Alice Pracey  Dau      Shoreditch


 1891, 51 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green, London  RG12 258 f105 p13
 John Pracy  Head M 55   Hackney Carriage Driver  London Shoreditch
 Sarah Pracy  Wife M 55     Lincoln, Stamford
 Alice Pracy  Dau single 19   Boot Fitter  London Bethnal Green


 1901, 87 Barnet Grove, Bethnal Green, London  RG13 282 f156 p72
 John Pracy  Head M 65   Cab Driver Groom  London Shoreditch
 Sarah Pracy  Wife M 65     Lincolnshire Stamford


 1911, 95 Columbia Road, Bethnal Green, London  RG14 1383 sch79
 Henry Hollington Head 47   
10   1
 Off Licence Keeper
 Bethnal Green London
 Maria Hollington
Wife 48   
   Lowestoft Suffolk
 Sarah Maria Pracy Visitor
75  Widow
 Stamford Lincolnshire


 1891, 23 Atherton Road, Forest Gate, West Ham, Essex  RG12 1337 f6 p5
 Alfred C Davis  Head M 35   Marine Store Dealer  Essex Brentford
 Elizabeth Davis  Wife M 29     London Shoreditch
 Charles H Davis  Son      Essex West Ham
 Violet Davis  Dau      Essex Stratford
 Ellen Day  Serv Sin 17   General Servant  N. K.


 1901, 23 Atherton Road, Forest Gate, West Ham, Essex  RG13 1589 f131 p47
 Alfred C Davis  Head M 45   Rag & metal merchant  Brentford
 Eliz Davis  Wife M 40     London
 Charles A Davis  Son S 15     Essex W. Ham
 Leonard Davis  Son S    Essex Forest Gate
 Violet M Davis  Dau S 11     Essex Forest Gate
 Dorothy Davis  Dau S    Essex Forest Gate


 1911, 23 Atherton Road, Forest Gate, West Ham, Essex  RG14 9404 sch315
 Alfred Charles Davis Head
54  Married

 General Dealer
 Elizabeth Sarah Davis Wife
49  Married
 Charles Albert Davis Son
25  Single
 Shop Keeper Tailor
 Leonard Ernest Davis Son
16  Single
 No occupation (just left school)
 Dorothy Alice Davis Daur
19  Single


 1901, 40 Quilter Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex  RG13 282 f131 p21
 John Craib  Head  M 28   Postman  London Marylebone
 Alice Craib  Wife  M 29   
 London Bethnal Green
 Lillian Craib  Daur  S 8m     London Bethnal Green


 1911, 111 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green, London  RG14 1385 sch337
 John Craib Head
38  Married
 London Marylebone
 Alice Craib Wife
39  Married

 London Bethnal Green
 Lillian Craib Daur
10  Single
 London Bethnal Green
 Nellie Craib Daur
 London Bethnal Green
 Doris Craib Daur
 London Bethnal Green


 1881, Agnes Cottage, 30 Marian Square, Bethnal Green, Middlesex  RG11 413 f130 p60
 Ann Pracey  Head  Wid 38   Machinist  Shoreditch, Middlesex
 Elizabeth Pracey  Dau  Unm 19   Filter Paste  Bethnal Green, Middlesex
 George Pracey  Son  Unm 17   Apprentice Pianoforte Trade  Bethnal Green, Middlesex


 1891, 3 Marian Square, Bethnal Green, London  RG12 259 f145 p31
 Elizabeth Pracy   Widow 50   Boot Machinist  Shoreditch
 Elizabeth Harrow  Wife M 29     Shoreditch
 Florence E Harrow  Dau S 8m     Shoreditch


 1891, 11 Alexander Mews, Notting Hill, Kensington, London  RG12 12 f48 p39
 Henry Harrow  Head M 29   Coachman  London St Lukes


 1901, 10 Blagrove Road, Notting Hill, Kensington, London  RG13 29 f65 p32
 Henry Harrow Head M 39   Coachman "Domestic"  London St Lukes
 Elizabeth S Harrow Wife M 39     London Shoreditch
 Florence E Harrow Dau S 10     London Paddington
 Henry G Harrow Son S    London Bayswater
 Angelina Pracy Visitor M 64   Charwoman  London Shoreditch


 1901, 14 Pownall Road, Haggerston, Shoreditch, London  RG13 279 f85 p16
 Robert H Hill Head M 62   China Manufacturer
 London Limehouse
 Emma Hill Daur
28     London Bethnal Green
 Joseph Hill Son
S 23   Wood Carver
 London Bethnal Green
 Sarah Hill Daur
S 18   Underclothing Machinist
 London Hackney
 Ada M Hill Daur
13     London Shoreditch
 Thomas Dent
65   Chair Maker
 London Bethnal Green


 1911, 22 Cobden Road, Chatham, Kent  RG14 3925 sch80
 Anne Hill Head
74  Widow
 Shoreditch London
 Elizabeth Harrow Daur
50  Widow
 Shoreditch London
 Florence Harrow Gdaur
20  Single
 Bayswater London
 Henry Harrow Gson
 Kensington London


 1861, 8 Jews Alms Houses, Devonshire Street, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex  RG9 298 f47 p21
 John Dias  Head Marr 65   Formerly (Butcher)  Middlesex London
 Rachel Dias  Wife Marr 64     Middlesex London
 Esther Dias  Dau Un 30   Teacher  Middlesex London
 Sarah Pracy  Servt Un 16     Middlesex London


 1871, 14 Gloster Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG10 454 f84 p65+66
 Charles Sagrott  Head  Marr 37   Clicker  Middlesex Islington
 Emma Sagrott  Wife  Marr 36     Middlesex Islington
 Alice Sagrott  Dau   12   Scholar  Middlesex Islington
 Alfred Sutton Lodger  Unm 18   Iron Safe Maker  Middlesex Clerkenwell
 Thomas G Pracey Lodger  Unm 19   Printer Compositer  Middlesex Norton Folgate
 Samuel May Lodger   17   Paper Miller  Middlesex St Lukes


 1881, 52 Huntingdon Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG11 400 f16 p25
 Charles Sagrott  Head  Marr 33   Leather Cutter  Shoreditch
 Elizabeth Sagrott  Wife  Marr 31     Shoreditch
 Charles Sagrott  Son      Shoreditch
 George Sagrott  Son      Shoreditch
 Lydia Sagrott  Dau      Shoreditch
 Charlotte Sagrott  Dau      Shoreditch


 1891, 52 Huntingdon Street, Shoreditch, London  RG12 251 f10 p13
 Charles Sagrott  Head M 43   Boot Clicker  London Shoreditch
 Elizabeth Sagrott  Wife M 41   Box Maker  London St Lukes
 Charles Sagrott  Son S 19   General Laborer  London Shoreditch
 George Sagrott  Son S 18   Box Maker  London Shoreditch
 Elizabeth Sagrott  Dau S 16   Box Maker  London Shoreditch
 Charlotte Sagrott  Dau S 14   Scholar  London Bethnal Green
 Ernest Sagrott  Son    Scholar  London Shoreditch
 Albert Sagrott  Son      London Shoreditch


 1881, 22 Essex Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG11 400 f30 p8
 Henry Pracey  Head  Marr 23   Coachman  St Leonards, Middlesex
 Mary J Pracey  Wife  Marr 24     St Botolphs Bishopsgate
 Elizabeth J Pracey  Dau   7m     St Leonards, Middlesex


 1891, 48 Crondall Street, Shoreditch, London  RG12 249 f49 p24
 Henry Pracy  Head M 34   Cab Driver  London Shoreditch
 Mary Jane Pracy  Wife M 34     London City
 Alfred Hunt Nephew      London Shoreditch


 1901, 52 Huntingdon Street, Shoreditch, London  RG13 277 f11 p13+14
 Baynton William Head M 67   Wood Carver  London St Lukes
 Baynton Annie Wife M 60     London St Lukes
 Baynton George Son S 19   Wood Carver  London Shoreditch
 Baynton Albert Son S 16   Chair Maker  London Bethnal Green
 Sagrott Charles  Head M 54   Boot Cutter  London Shoreditch
 Sagrott Elizabeth  Wife M 52     London City of
 Sagrott Charles  Son S 29   Horse Keeper Groom  London Shoreditch
 Sagrott George  Son S 28   Paper Cutter  London Shoreditch
 Sagrott Charlotte  Dau S 24   Cardboard Box Maker  London Shoreditch
 Sagrott Albert  Son S 11     London Shoreditch
 Pracy Henry  BinL M 43   Cab Driver  London Finsbury
 Jiles John Boarder S 28   French Polisher  London Shoreditch


 1911, 13 Harman Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch, London  RG14 1334 sch141
 William Baynton Head
77  Married
 Wood Carver
 London Finsbury
 Ann Baynton Wife
 London Finsbury


 1911, 52 Falkirk Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch, London  RG14 1332 sch385
 Charles Sagrott Head
63  Married
 Boot Cutter
 Elizabeth Sagrott Wife
61  Married
 Box Maker
 Charles Sagrott Son
39  Single
 Horse Keeper
 Ernest Sagrott Son
29  Single
 Albert Sagrott Son
27  Single
 Pipe Maker
 Jane Bradshore
23  Single
 Taker off in Printing
 Mile End


 1901, Shoreditch Workhouse, Hoxton Street, Shoreditch, London  RG13 281 f163 p3
 Pracey Mary Jane Pauper Marr 39   Servant  London
 plus 768 other inmates


 1911, 213 Kingsland Road (Union Workhouse), Shoreditch, London  RG14 1363 ed20 p19
 Jane Pracey Inmate
52  Widow
 London City
 plus 733 other inmates


 1881, 22 The Parade, High Road, Lee, Kent  RG11 731 f63 p51
 Francis W Ellis Head
Mar 40   Tobacco & Cigar Dealer
 Rose Ellis Wife
Mar 29     Middx Hackney
 Edward Delaforce ShopAssist
Mar 40   Shop Assistant
 Middx Hackney
 Rose Beacham
16   General Servt.  Kent Lewisham


 1891, 30 Chambord Street, Bethnal Green, London  RG12 261 f24 p43
 Mrs ?Newham
44   Match Box Maker
 Sarah ?Newham
16   Domestic Servant
 London Bethnal Green
 Clara ?Newham
14   Scholar
 London Bethnal Green
 Edward J Delafore Visitor
Married 46   Porter (Land Auction)
 London Bethnal Green


 1901, 6 Corbet Court, Spitalfields, London
 RG13 297 f27 p11
 Edward Delaforce Head
M 60   Market Porter
 London City
 Keziah Delaforce
57   Charwoman  London City


 1911, 213 Kingsland Road (Union Workhouse), Shoreditch, London  RG14 1363 ed20 p8
 Edward Deleforce Inmate
69  Married
 General Labourer
 London Bethnal Green
 plus 733 other inmates

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