Harold Hagger, 1901-1947

Probably the most rotten apple on the family tree

Harold HAGGER was born on 27th March 1901 at 1 Moreland Street, Holloway, London, the fifth of fourteen children born to William & Annie HAGGER.  Police reports on Harold's background describe his parents as respectable hardworking people, and this also applied to their children, apart from Harold.  He was the only one who came to the attention of the police.  And he started young.  He first went to prison in 1917, aged only 16, when he was sentenced to 3 months for stealing shoes, and 2 months for assault on police.

Harold HAGGER's criminal career, lasting nearly 30 years, was finally brought to an end after he murdered a woman hitchhiker in 1946.  He was sentenced to death, and hanged at Wandsworth Prison on 18th March 1947.

Media reports, including a brief account of the crime, trial and execution of Harold HAGGER.

The National Archives (at Kew, London) has a large file relating to Harold HAGGER's trial for murder.  Unfortunately, the file does not include a straightforward account of events, and is a merely a collection of documents and correspondence.  Some of the more interesting pieces are transcribed here.

Statements by Harold HAGGER to the police
Criminal Record of Harold HAGGER

Other pieces may be included in due course.

A few years ago, the murder committed by Harold Hagger came to the attention of Diana Souhami, a professional author.  The result was Murder at Wrotham Hill, which was published in September 2012.


Other miscellaneous transcripts

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