Miscellaneous (mostly transcripts)

In surname order

  Cemetery records of ANDERSON family grave at Ince, Lancashire, 1918-1960
  Tribute to Vincent Scully by Patrick CONDON and others, St Helier, 1891
Letter from Cappoquin to Michael CONDON in New York, USA, 1925
  Newspaper report of the death of Henry Robert HAGGER, Hertford, 1917
A Murder Story, Harold HAGGER, 1901-1947
    Media Reports of  the crime, trial, and execution of Harold HAGGER
Statements by Harold HAGGER to the police
Criminal Record of Harold HAGGER
  London Gazette items referring to James & Sarah MILLS, Drury Lane, Westminster, 1841
  PRACY Family History, Sep 2005, revised May 2006, Dec 2007, Jul 2012, Sep 2014
Written & contributed by David Pracy, and to be read in conjunction with the following documents.....
    PRECY Timeline, May 2006, revised Dec 2007, Sep 2014, Nov 2015
From North Wilts. to North London, May 2006, revised Dec 2007
PRACY Gazetteer, May 2006, revised May 2007, Dec 2007
PRACY Walks, May 2006, revised Oct 2006, Oct 2010
Rosey PRACY Biography, Jan 2007
Not a Rogue?, May 2010
  Petition in support of William WITT, by 'principal inhabitants' of Newport, IoW, 1795
Statement of William WITT, in case against Peter Geary, the Newport minister, 1796
Account by David WITT of his research into William WITT's Time in The Royal Navy, 1795-1800
References to the 'Isabella', which transported James & Mary (WITT) MARTIN to Australia, 1838
Reports of deaths of John & Sarah BLANCH, Melbourne, 1839, and details of the gun-making BLANCH family
An Account of His Life by William WITT (1814-1902), including his family's voyage to Van Dieman's Land
Newspaper report of Golden Wedding celebrations of William & Harriet WITT, Hobart, 1883
Account by James MARTIN of his grandfather William WITT (1776-1856), written c.1910

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