The will of Agnes Eva Condon, 1981

Will made 24 Mar 1971 . Testator died 15 May 1981 . Will proved .....

                   THIS WILL  dated the 24th day of March
                   One thousand nine hundred and seventy one is made by me
                   AGNES EVA CONDON of Long Meadow Chelmsford Road Felsted
                   in the County of Essex Widow
                   1.  I REVOKE all former testamentary dispositions
                   2.  I APPOINT as my Executors and Trustees : my son
                   Charles Gilbert Condon and my daughter Norah Agnes Phoebe
                   Dunnachie : in this Will who are referred to as 'my
                   3.   I GIVE the following specific bequests :
                        (a)   to my granddaughter Shelia May Tompson of
                              Suite 110 Bermar House Burnaby Street
                              Vancouver B.C. my silver teapot;
                        (b)   to my daughter Margaret Eva Cosgrove my
                              gold diamond brooch and also my boy and
                              girl china figures;
                        (c)   to my daughter Patricia Hilda Hagger my
                              coffee set and coffee spoons in case also
                              my gold watch and I express a wish that my
                              said daughter Patricia shall give the said
                              gold watch to one of her daughters of her
                              own choice and at her absolute discretion;
                        (d)   to my granddaughter Margaret Clark of Hunter's
                              View Woodmancoat New Henfield in the County
                              of Sussex my black clock;
                        (e)   to my said daughter Norah Agnes Phoebe
                              Dunnachie all my wedgewood china;
                        (f)   to one of the Doherty girls my crystal
                              necklace and I DIRECT that my son in law
                              Patrick Doherty shall at his absolute
                              discretion choose which of his daughters
                              shall have the said crystal necklace
                              I give the remainder of my jewellery to
                              my said son Charles Gilbert Condon and
                              I EXPRESS a wish that he shall divide it
                              equally among all my grandchildren at
                              his absolute discretion
                   4.   I GIVE to my son in law Patrick Doherty the remainder
                   of my personal chattels in his home only as defined by
                   Section 55 of the Administration of Estates Act 1925 except
                   those which are the subject matter of specific gifts
                   contained in this Will or any Codicil to it the remainder
                   of my personal chattels as so defined and not in the said
                   Patrick Doherty's home to fall in and form part of my
                   residuary estate under Clause 5 of this my Will
                   5.   MY executors shall hold the residue of my estate on
                   trust either to retain or sell it on the following trusts
                        (a)   to pay debts estate duty and executorship
                        (b)   to divide the residue equally between those
                              of the following five persons who survive me;
                              (i)    the said Charles Gilbert Condon
                              (ii)   the said Norah Agnes Phoebe Dunnachie
                              (iii)  the said Margaret Eva Cosgrove
                              (iv)   the said Patricia Hilda Hagger and
                              (v)    the said Patrick Doherty
                        (c)   if any beneficiary under Clause 5 (b) (i)
                              (ii) (iii) and (v) dies before me leaving
                              children then those children shall on reaching
                              eighteen take equally the share which their
                              parent would otherwise have taken;
                        (d)   if the said Patricia Hilda Hagger dies before
                              me leaving her husband Alfred Hagger surviving
                              her then I declare that her said husband shall
                              take the share which his wife would otherwise
                              have taken but if her said husband shall
                              predecease her then I declare that her share
                              shall be divided equally between her
                        (e)   if the trusts of the shares of Charles
                              Gilbert Condon and Norah Agnes Phoebe
                              Dunnachie and Margaret Eva Cosgrove and
                              Patrick Doherty under clause (b) (c) and
                              (d) above fail then that share shall be added
                              to the other shares equally and this provision
                              shall apply to both original shares and to
                              shares which have increased as a result of
                              the application of this provision.
             SIGNED by the Testatrix in our   )
             presence and attested by us in   )   A. E. Condon
             the presence of her and of each  )
             other.                           )
       Rose D Hume
                MANAGING CLERK,
                  WITH CUNNINGTON SON & ORFEUR,
                          GREAT SQUARE,
                             BRAINTREE, ESSEX.
       Mrs C. E. Simonds
        Great Square
        Braintree Essex
                Codicil dated   7th August 1975
                I particulary request that my son Charles Gilbert
                shall have my two tall Chinese Vases.
                If Charles should predecease me they are to be sold
                and proceeds divided between my daughters Norah
                Margaret and Patricia.   A. E. Condon.
                Signed in the presence of.   B. Mayes   R. Mayes.

[Copy of will found among the possessions of my late mother, Patricia Condon, one of the beneficiaries]

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