Transcripts of Census Returns

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John & Phillis (Hailett) Day, and family

 1841, Mill Lane, Bardwell, Suffolk  HO107 1013/3 f19 p1
 John Day     60   Ag Lab  Yes
 Phillis Day     60     Yes


 1841, Hall Street, Soham, Cambridgeshire  HO107 73/16 f14 p23
 William Reeve     25   Farrier  Yes
 Lucy Reeve     25     No
 Harriet Reeve        Yes
 Ellen Reeve        Yes
 David Day     25   Farriers J.  No


 1851, Quafen Road, Soham, Cambridgeshire  HO107 1763 f176 p63
 William Reeve Head M 37   Farrier  Cambs Soham
 Lucy Reeve Wife M 40     Cambs Soham
 Harriet Reeve Daur U 13     Cambs Soham
 Ellen Reeve Daur U 11     Cambs Soham
 William Reeve Son U    Cambs Soham
 Lucy Reeve Daur U    Cambs Soham


 1851, Gravel Lane, Chigwell, Essex  HO107 1770 f64 p18
 David Day  Head  Marr 34   Farmers Lab.  Suffolk  Bardwell
 Susan Day  Wife  Marr 32     Suffolk  Bardwell
 William Day  Son   11     Suffolk  Bardwell
 John Day  Son    Scholar  Suffolk  Bardwell
 Susan Day  Dau      Suffolk  Bardwell


 1861, Pert Cottages, Tanners Lane, Ilford, Essex  RG9 1070 f28 p8
 Susan Day Widow    ---- 40   Dress Maker  Bardwell, Suffolk
 Susan Day  Dau  Unm 12     Bardwell, Suffolk
 Edward Day  Son    Labr.  Navestock
 Frances Day  Dau    Labr.  Chigwell
 Sarah Ann Day  Dau      Chigwell
 Fred Henry Day  Son      Bark Side
 Ann Clarke Visitor  Marr 40     Bardwell, Suffolk
 Caroline Newman Visitor  Marr 25     Bardwell, Suffolk
 George Clarke Visitor  Unm 20   Labr.  Bardwell, Suffolk


 1871, Ley Street, Sams Green, Ilford, Essex  RG10 1648 f36 p30
 Susan Day  Head  Wid 51   Dressmaker  Bardwell, Suffolk
 John Day  Son  Unm 26   Gardener  Bardwell, Suffolk
 Edward Day  Son  Unm 20   Bootmaker  Navestock, Essex
 Amy Day  Dau  Unm 12   Scholar  Chigwell, Essex
 Harry Day  Gson  Unm    London


 1871, Ley Street, Sams Green, Ilford, Essex  RG10 1648 f36 p30
 William Day  Head  Marr 23   Fishmonger  Bardwell, Suffolk
 Sarah Day  Wife  Marr 25     Whitecross St, London
 Sarah Day  Dau    Scholar  Newington, Middlesex
 Elizabeth Day  Dau      Plumstead, Kent
 Frances Day  Dau   10m     Ilford, Essex


 1881, 95 Tilbury Road, Plaistow, West Ham, Essex  RG11 1709 f74 p41+42
 William Day  Head  Marr 40   Bricklayer's Labourer  Bardwell, Suffolk
 Sarah Day  Wife  Marr 35     London, Middlesex
 Frances Day  Dau   11   Scholar  Ilford, Essex
 Henry Day  Son    Scholar  Woolwich, Essex
 Annie Day  Dau    Scholar  Belvedere, Kent
 Susan Day  Dau    Scholar  Plaistow, Essex
 Maud Day  Dau      Plaistow, Essex


 1891, 48 Marcus Street, West Ham, Essex  RG12 1330 f57/8 p56/7
 William Day  Head  Marr 55   Bricklayers Labourer  Suffolk
 Sarah Day  Wife  Marr 45     London
 Maud Day  Dau   12   Scholar  Plaistow, Essex
 Edward Day  Son    Scholar  West Ham, Essex
 George Day  Son      West Ham, Essex
 Harry Day  Son   19     Plumpstead, Kent
 John J Jeffery  Head  Marr 22   Railway Carman  West Ham, Essex
 Frances Jeffery  Wife  Marr 20     Ilford, Essex


 1901, 48 Marcus Street, West Ham, Essex  RG13 1570 f44 p27
 John J Jeffrey  Head  Marr 33   General Laborer  Essex  West Ham
 Frances Jeffrey  Wife  Marr 30     Essex  Ilford
 Annie Jeffrey  Dau  Unm    Essex  West Ham
 John W Jeffrey  Son  Unm    Essex  West Ham
 Frances M Jeffrey  Dau  Unm    Essex  West Ham
 Susan A Jeffrey  Dau  Unm    Essex  West Ham
 Sarah Day  Head  Wid 54     London  City
 Henry Day  Son  Unm 28   House Painter  Kent  Woolwich
 Edward Day  Son  Unm 16   Laborer General  Essex  West Ham
 Richard King Boarder  Unm 23   Laborer General  London  Clerkenwell


 1901, 48 Stephens Road, West Ham, Essex  RG13 1570 f143 p57/58
 Frederick Hardy Head M 27   General Dealer Shop  Middlesex Bromley
 Ellen Hardy Wife M 23     Middlesex Bromley
 Ellen Hardy Daur      Essex West Ham
 William Day Boarder M 63   General Dealer Shop  Suffolk Bardwell


 1881, 45 Winston Road, Stoke Newington, Middlesex  RG11 285 f71 p32
 Clarissa Smith  Occ  Unm 50   Householder  St Giles, Middlesex
 Sarah Day Servant   Unm 13   Servant (domestic)  Woolwich


 1891, 55 Osborne Road, Forest Gate, West Ham, Essex  RG12 1334 f75 p30
 Harry Francis Pardy Head M 34   Licenced Victualler  London City
 Florence Mary Pardy Wife M 32     London City
 Winifred Florence Pardy Daur S    London St Lukes
 Margery Violet Pardy Daur S    Essex Forest Gate
 Elsie Mary Pardy Daur S 4m     Essex Forest Gate
 Emma Agnes Osborne Servant S 19   General Servant Domestic  London St Georges East
 Annie Day Servant S 16   General Servant Domestic  Kent Belvidere


 1901, 9 Park Road, East Ham, Essex  RG13 1597 f93/94 p18/19
 Thomas Brady Head M 24   Paperhanger & Painter (house)  Middlesex, Millwall
 Annie Brady Wife M 26     Kent, Belvedere
 Kathleen Brady Daur S    Essex, East Ham
 Thomas Brady Son      Essex, West Ham


 1901, Oak Hill Lodge, Oak Hill, Walthamstow, Essex  RG13 1629 f135 p1
 Edith Novelli [?]  Wife M 35     India
 Eileen Novelli [?]  Dau      London
 Emily Chirley [?] Servant S 30   Cook (Domestic)  Surrey Merstham
 Emily Holmes Servant S 22   Nurse (Domestic)  Kent Lewisham
 Susan Day Servant S 23   Housemaid (Domestic)  Essex Plaistow


 1881, 37 Elphicke Street, West Ham, Essex  RG11 1714 f60 p52
 John Day  Head  Marr 36   Gas Stoker  Bardwell, Suffolk
 Sophia Day  Wife  Marr 37     Braintree, Essex
 John Day  Son    Scholar  Putney, Middlesex
 Edward Day  Son      Ilford, Essex
 Frederic Day  Son      West Ham, Essex
 Edward Day Brother  Unm 29   Gas Stoker  Navestock, Essex


 1881, Grove, Barking, Essex  RG11 1746 f74 p20
 William J Mays  Head  Marr 32   Work at Jute Works  Ilford, Essex
 Susan Mays  Wife  Marr 32     Bardwell, Suffolk
 William T Mays  Son    Scholar  Ilford, Essex
 Frances S Mays  Dau    Scholar  Ilford, Essex
 Edward J Mays  Son      Ilford, Essex
 James A Mays  Son      Ilford, Essex


 1891, 5 Magdala Cottages, Ilford, Essex  RG12 1370 f14 p22
 William J Mays  Head  Marr 42   Rate Collector  Essex  Ilford
 Susan Mays  Wife  Marr 42     Suffolk  Bardwell
 William T Mays  Son  Unm 18   Dairyman's Assistant  Essex  Ilford
 Edward J Mays  Son   14   Scholar  Essex  Ilford
 James A Mays  Son   12   Scholar  Essex  Ilford
 Sarah A Wright  SinL  Marr 32   Char Woman  Essex  Ilford


 1901, Bardwell Villa, Cleveland Road, Ilford, Essex  RG13 1650 f150 p21
 William Jas Mays  Head M 52   Asst. Overseer & Collector  Ilford Essex
 Kate Louisa Mays  Wife M 36              (Urban Council)  Kent Bromley
 Frances S Mays  Son S 27   Clerk in Diary [sic]  Ilford Essex
 Edward J Mays  Son S 24   Solicitor's Clerk  Law  Ilford Essex


 1901, 20 Christchurch Grove, Tooting Bec, Surrey  RG13 471 f76 p33
 Augustus J Wright  Head M 48   House Painter  Wilts Fisherton
 Sarah A Wright  Wife M 42     Essex Chigwell
 Daniel James [?] Boarder Widr. 56   Carpenter  Cardigan Cardigan
 Edith James [?]  Visitor S 18   Servant (Domestic)  Wales Cardiff


 1881, 10 Arbour Street West, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex  RG11 475 f66 p23
 Peter Fernie  Head  Marr 25   Postman  Wapping, Middlesex
 Frances Fernie  Wife  Marr 25     Chigwell, Essex
 Peter Wm Fernie  Son      Stepney, Middlesex
 Susan Day  MinL  Wid 59   Monthly Nurse  Bardwell, Suffolk


 1891, Roseville, Aldborough Road, Ilford, Essex  RG12 1370 f45 p5
 William W Gilson  Head  Marr 43   Tea Buyer,  Grocer  Yorkshire  Sheffield
 Emily J Gilson  Wife  Marr 40     Kent  St Mary Cray
 Richard H Gilson  Son   12     Essex  Ilford
 Walter B Gilson  Son   11     Essex  Ilford
 Emily E Gilson  Dau   10     Essex  Ilford
 Kate W Gilson  Dau      Essex  Ilford
 Edward H Gilson  Son      Essex  Ilford
 Rosa W Gilson  Dau      Essex  Ilford
 Hugh M Gilson  Son      Essex  Ilford
 Clara Blackader  Serv.  Unm 28   Mother's Help (Domestic)  Kent  Rochester
 Harriet Wilkinson  Serv.  Unm 21   Cook (Domestic)  Kent  Canterbury
 Susan Day  Nurse  Wid 69   Nurse (Monthly) Cook  Suffolk  Bardwell


 1891,No No Shop opp. New Board Sch., Plashet Lane, E. Ham, Essex  RG12 1340 f90 p31
 Peter Fernie  Head  Marr 34   Cellerman  London  Wapping
 Frances Fernie  Wife  Marr 34     Essex  Chigwell
 P. W. Fernie  Son   11   Scholar  London  Stepney
 F. E. Fernie  Dau    Scholar  London  Stepney
 F.. Fernie  Son    Scholar  Essex  Manor Park
 E. Fernie  Son    Scholar  Essex  Manor Park
 H. Fernie  Son    Scholar  Essex  Manor Park


 1901, 1 Walpole Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk  RG13 1181 f24 p39
 Peter Fernie  Head  Marr 46   Foreman Wine Cellar  Wapping, London
 Frances Fernie  Wife  Marr 46     Chigwell, Essex
 Frances Fernie  Dau  Unm 19   Drap. Asst.  Stepney, London
 Fredk. Fernie  Son  Unm 17   Railway Clerk  Manor Park, Essex
 Edwd. Fernie  Son  Unm 15   Painter's ?????  Forest Gate, Essex
 Harry Fernie  Son  Unm 13   Telegraph Messr.  Manor Park, Essex
 David Fernie  Son  Unm    East Ham, Essex
 Frank Fernie  Son  Unm    East Ham, Essex
 Charles Fernie  Son  Unm    East Ham, Essex
 Alfred Sweet Visitor  Marr 54   House Decorator  Bermondsey Southwark
 Elizth. Sweet Visitor  Marr 42     Wapping London

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