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Charles & Elizabeth (Banks) Turner, and family

 1841, London Street, Bermondsey, Surrey  HO107 1048/5 f9 p10
 Chas. Turner     25   Lighterman  Y
 Elizth. Turner     25     Y


 1851, 35 Elim Street, Bermondsey, Surrey  HO107 1562 f265/6 p15/16
 Elizth. Turner  Head Widow 36   Sempstress  Surrey Bermondsey
 Willm. Turner  Son   10     Surrey Bermondsey
 Sarah Turner  Dau      Surrey Bermondsey
 Thomas Turner  Son      Surrey Bermondsey


 1861, 41 Lower Queen Street, Rotherhithe, Surrey  RG9 390 f21 p35/36
 Charles Turner  Head  Mar 25   Waterman  Surrey Bermondsey
 Susanh. Turner  Wife  Mar 23     Surrey Horselydown
 Charles Turner  Son      Surrey Bermondsey
 Wm. Turner  Son      Surrey Rotherhithe
 Alfd. Turner  Son   2days    Surrey Rotherhithe
 Elizth. Webb Visitor  Mar 46     Surrey Horselydown


 1871, Sth. Metropolitan District Schools, Reigate Road, Sutton, Surrey  RG10 797 f103/4 p4/5
 Turner Charles     12   Scholar  Surrey Rotherhithe
 Turner William     11   Scholar  Surrey St Olaves
 Turner Alfred      Scholar  Surrey St Olaves
 Turner Frederick      Scholar  Surrey St Olaves
 Turner Emily      Scholar  Surrey St Olaves
 Turner Susannah      Scholar  Surrey St Olaves
 and over 1,200 other pupils          


 1871, Leeds Arms Yard, Finkle Street, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire  RG10 4786 f71 p27
 Joseph Bullard Head  Mar 47   Dock Labourer  Newark Notts
 Alice Bullard Wife Mar 38     Gainsbro Lincolns.
 Emma Turner *    * Adopted Child  London


 1881, 1 New Square, Limehouse, Middlesex  RG11 468 f42 p32
 Charles Turner  Head  Wid 44   Waterman  Surrey Bermondsey
 Alfred Turner  Son  Unm 19   Galvanizer  Middlesex Limehouse
 Fredk. Turner  Son  Unm 17   Wire Worker  Middlesex Limehouse
 Susan Turner  Dau   15   Housekeeper  Middlesex Limehouse
 Edward Turner  Son   13   Scholar  Middlesex Limehouse
 Eliza Turner  Dau   11   Scholar  Middlesex Limehouse


 1891, 17 Gill Street, Limehouse, Middlesex  RG12 296 f107 p14
 Charles Turner  Head  Marr 55   Lighterman  London Bermondsey
 Agnes Turner  Wife  Marr 38     Gainsborough Lincs
 Eliza Turner  Dau  Unm 21   Mattress Maker  London Rotherhithe
 Henry Turner  Son  Unm    Middlesex
 William Whitehead Nephew  Unm 14   Van Boy  London St George


 1901, 16 Phoebe Street, Poplar, London  RG13 355 f136 p9
 Charles Turner  Head  Marr 65   Waterman on river  London Rotherhithe
 Agnes J Turner  Wife  Marr 48     Lincolns Gainsboro'
 Henry Turner  Son  Unm 13     London St George E


 1901, 63 Gill Street, Limehouse, London  RG13 322 f62 p9
 Edward H Turner  Head M 33   Waterman Barge  Ratcliff
 Emily Turner  Wife M 33     St Georges in E.
 Edward Turner  Son S 11     Poplar
 Emily Turner  Dau S    Limehouse
 Fred Turner  Son S    Poplar
 Arthur Turner  Son S    Poplar
 Charles Turner  Son S    Limehouse
 Elizabeth Turner  Dau S    Limehouse


 1881, 7 Acorn Street, Rotherhithe, Surrey  RG11 576 f86 p30
 Charles Turner  Head  Marr 23   Waterman  Surrey Dockhead
 Jane Turner  Wife  Marr 21     Surrey Rotherhithe
 Alfred Turner  Son      Midx Limehouse


 1891, 13 Acorn Place, Rotherhithe, Surrey  RG12 381 f154 p19
 Charles Turner  Head Widr 33   General Labourer  Bermondsey London
 Charles Turner  Son   12   Scholar  Rotherhithe London


 1901, 3 Salter Street, Limehouse, London  RG13 322 f74 p34
 Frederick May Head M 39   Dock Labourer  Poplar
 Jane May Wife M 38     Limehouse
 Charles Turner Boarder Widr 42   Deal Porter  Rotherhithe


 1881, 67 Northey Street, Limehouse, Middlesex  RG11 467 f80 p13
 Wm. Fredk. Turner  Head  Unm 22   Ropemaker  Kent Deptford
 Emma E. Turner  Sister  Unm 17   House Keeper  Kent Deptford


 1891, 18 Lion Street, Poplar, London  RG12 330 f16 p26
 George Truman  Head M 29   Lighterman Barge  Limehouse London
 Emily Truman  Wife M 28     Rotherhithe Surrey
 George Truman  Son    Scholar  Poplar London
 Alice Truman  Dau    Scholar  Limehouse London
 Harry Truman  Son      Poplar London
 Emily Truman  Dau   2m     Poplar London
 William Buckley  Head M 23   General Labourer  Mile End London
 Susanna Buckley  Wife M 25     Rotherhithe London
 Clara Buckley  Dau      Poplar London
 Susanna Buckley  Dau   5m     Limehouse London


 1901, 89 Kerbey Street, Bromley, London  RG13 348 f101 p1
 George W Truman  Head Mar 37   Lighterman Barge  London Limehouse
 Emily E Truman  Wife Mar 36     London Rotherhithe
 Alice S Truman  Dau S 16   Confectioner Baker  London Limehouse
 Henry Truman  Son S 12     London Poplar
 Emily Truman  Dau S 10     London Poplar
 Charles Truman  Son S    London Poplar
 Susan Truman  Dau S    London Poplar
 Francis Truman  Son S    London Poplar


 1901, 42 Northey Street, Limehouse, London  RG13 321 f126 p17
 William Buckley  Head M 33   General Labourer  London Mile End
 Susannah Buckley  Wife M 34     London Rotherhithe
 William Buckley  Son      London Poplar
 Alfred Buckley  Son      London Poplar
 Elizabeth Buckley  Dau      London Poplar
 Emily Buckley  Dau      London Limehouse
 Agnes Buckley  Dau   1m     London Limehouse


 1901, 2 Speedings Gardens, Poplar, London  RG13 354 f54 p42
 Arthur E Vance  Head M 31   Carman  London Poplar
 Emma E Vance  Wife M 31     London Rotherhithe
 Agnes J Vance  Dau S    London Bromley
 Arthur E Vance  Son S    London Bromley
 Alice A Vance  Dau S    London Bromley


 1871, 55 Lower Queen Street, Rotherhithe, Surrey  RG10 643 f87 p37
 William Turner Head Marr 30   Waterman  Surrey Bermondsey
 Elizabeth Turner Wife Marr 28     Middlesex Wapping
 William James Turner Son      Middlesex Limehouse
 Elizabeth Catherine Turner Dau      Middlesex Limehouse
 Catherine Turner Dau      Surrey Rotherhithe


 1881, 16 Sophia Street, Poplar, Middlesex  RG11 508 f110 p46
 William Turner Head Mar 40   Lighterman  Surrey Bermondsey
 Sarah Turner Wife Mar 32     Midx Wapping
 William Turner Son   16   Wire Rope Worker  Midx Limehouse
 Elizabeth Turner Dau   15     Midx Limehouse
 Catherine Turner Dau   11     Midx Limehouse


 1891, 357 Manisty Street, Poplar, Middlesex  RG12 333 f48 p40
 William Turner Head M 49   Lighterman  Bermondsey London
 Sarah Turner Wife M 42     Shadwell London
 Kate Turner Dau S 20   Mattress Sewer  Rotherhithe London


 1901, 8 Holka Place, Limehouse, Middlesex  RG13 322 f44 p8
 William Turner Head M 59   Waterman & Lighterman  Bermondsey
 Sarah Turner Wife M 52     London St Georges
 George Staples Boarder Widr 60   Ships Engine Driver  London Cripplegate


 1871, 26 Perseverence Street, Bermondsey, Surrey  RG10 634 f27 p46
 Joseph Conner Head Mar 24   Chickery Packer  Mlsex Clerkenwell
 Sarah Conner Wife Mar 26     Surrey Bmdsey
 Sarah Conner Daur    Scholar  Mlsex St Geo's East
 Joseph Conner Son    Scholar  Surrey Rtherithe
 Frances Conner Daur      Surrey Rtherithe


 1881, 8 Bidborough Street, St Pancras, London  RG11 190 f55 p4
 William South Head Mar 45   Smith & Striker  Yorkshire Sheffield
 Alice South Wife Mar 46     Lincoln Gainsborough
 Jane South Daur Unm 28   Laundress  Lincoln Gainsborough
 William Whitehead Nephew      Middlesex


 1891, 94 Grange Road, Plaistow, West Ham  RG12 1324 f79 p30
 Alice South Head Wid 57   General Dealer  Gainsborough Lincolnshire
 Agnes Turner Daur M 37     Gainsborough Lincolnshire


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