Transcripts of Census Returns

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Hagger J3
John & Ann (Berry) Hagger, and family

 1841, Bakers? Yard, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f20 p4
 John Hagger     70   Ag Lab  Yes
 Ann Hagger     66     Yes
 Alice Nights     14     Yes
 James Hagger     15   Ag Lab  Yes
 Ann Hagger     10     Yes


 1841, Lower Dane End, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f9 p12
 James Fardell
    45   Farmer  Yes
 Ann Fardell     45     Yes
 James Knights     15     Yes


 1841, Nightingale Walk, Hornsey, Middlesex  HO107 663/4 f35 p18
 Thomas Wilmot     40     No
 Mary Wilmot     35     No
 William Hagger     18     No
 Jane Hagger        No
 Lucy Wilmot        No


 1841, Padlers Lane, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f32 p2
 John Hagger     35   Ag Lab  Yes
 Martha     34     Yes
 Sarah     12     Yes
 Emma     10     Yes
 John        Yes
 Eliza        Yes
 Rebecca     3m     Yes
 Mary Ann Anderson     67   Ag Labs Widow  Yes


 1841, Village, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f37 p12
 Thomas Atkins     32   Ag Lab  Yes
 Martha Atkins     32     Yes
 John Atkins     10     Yes
 Ann Atkins        Yes
 James Atkins        Yes


 1841, Warren, Royston, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/11 f40 p19
 Edward Hagger     20   Carpenter  Yes
 Emma Hagger     20     Yes
 Emma Hagger     1m     Yes


 1851, Hartslands, Sevenoaks, Kent  HO107 1613 f309 p3
 John Purday Head Marr 30   Agricl. Laborer  Middx St James Westmr.
 Mary Purday Wife Marr 28     Herts. Fairfield
 Mary Purday Daur  Unm  At Home  Kent Sevenoaks
 John Purday Son  Unm 2m   At Home  Kent Sevenoaks


 1861, Harts Lands, Sevenoaks, Kent  RG9 488 f61 p10
 John Purday Head Mar 39   Agl. Labourer  Kent Middlesex
 Mary Ann Purday Wife Mar 37     Herts Rushton
 Mary A Purday Daur   12     Kent Sevenoaks
 John Wm Purday Son   10   Scholar  Kent Sevenoaks
 Fanny J Purday Daur    Scholar  Kent Sevenoaks
 Ann H Purday Daur    Scholar  Kent Sevenoaks
 Elizabeth S Purday Daur      Kent Sevenoaks
 Clara L Purday Daur   15w     Kent Sevenoaks


 1871, Harts Lands, Sevenooaks, Kent  RG10 922 f74 p19
 John Purday Head Mar 50   Agr. Lab  Kent Sevenoaks
 Mary A Purday Wife Mar 43     Therefield nr Royston Herts
 John W Purday Son Unm  19   Agr. Lab  Kent Sevenoaks
 Fanny J Purday Daur   17     Kent Sevenoaks
 Ann H Purday Daur   14     Kent Sevenoaks
 Clara L Purday Daur   10     Kent Sevenoaks
 Jane A Purday Daur      Kent Sevenoaks
 Henry J Purday Son      Kent Sevenoaks


 1881, Harts Lands, Sevenoaks, Kent  RG10 922 f74 p19
 Mary Ann Purday Head W 57     Hertfordshire Thurfield
 John Purday Son Unm  27   Bricklayers Laborer  Kent Sevenoaks
 Clara Purday Daur Unm  20   Domestic Servt.  Kent Sevenoaks
 Alice Purday Daur  Unm 18   Laundress  Kent Sevenoaks
 Harry Purday Gson   12     Kent Sevenoaks


 1861, Bethel Place, Harts Lands, Sevenoaks, Kent  RG9 488 f62 p12
 James Purday Head Mar 25   Agricultural Labr.  Kent Sevenoaks
 Jane Purday Wife Mar 25     Kent Sevenoaks
 William J Purday Son      Kent Sevenoaks


 1871, Harts Lands, Sevenoaks, Kent  RG10 922 f69 p10
 James Purday Head Mar 37   Ag Lab  Kent Sevenoaks
 Jane Purday Wife Mar 36     Herts Therfield
 William Purday Son   11   Scholar  Kent Sevenoaks
 Harry Purday Son    Scholar  Kent Sevenoaks
 Elizabeth Purday Daur    Scholar  Kent Sevenoaks
 Ellen Purday Daur      Kent Sevenoaks
 Alfred Purday Son      Kent Sevenoaks
 George Purday Boarder Unm 18?   Ag Lab  Kent Sevenoaks


 1881, 10 Lime Tree Walk, Sevenoaks, Kent  RG11 907 f61 p25
 Jane Purday Head Widow 44   Laundress  Hertford Therfield
 William Purday Son Unm 21   Labourer  Kent Sevenoaks
 Harry Purday Son Unm 17   Labourer  Kent Sevenoaks
 Ellen Purday Daur   12   Scholar  Kent Sevenoaks
 Henry Bell Visitor    Scholar  Hertford Therfield
 Ann Hagger Visitor Mar 47     London


 1891, 43 Cobden Road, Sevenoaks, Kent  RG12 673 f106 p44
 Jane Purday Head Wid 60   Laundress  Herts Therfield


 1901, 6 Alms Houses, Sevenoaks, Kent  RG13 747 f6 p3
 Jane Purday Head Wid 66     Herts Sherfield


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