Transcripts of Census Returns

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Barker A
Samuel & Mary Ann (Collins) Barker, and family

 1841, Old Workhouse, Eastwood, Essex  HO107 337/4 f3/4 p1/2
 Samuel Barker     40   Ag Lab  Yes
 Mary Barker     30     Yes
 Samuel Barker     10     Yes
 William Barker        Yes
 George Barker        Yes
 Thomas Barker        Yes
 John Barker     3w     Yes


 1851, Sutton, Essex  HO107 1777 f329 p1
 Samuel Barker  Head  Marr 52   Agricultural Labourer  Hadleigh, Essex
 Mary Ann Barker  Wife  Marr 40     Prittlewell, Essex
 William Barker  Son  Unm 18   Agricultural Labourer  Prittlewell, Essex
 George Barker  Son  Unm 16   Agricultural Labourer  Prittlewell, Essex
 Thomas Barker  Son  Unm 12   Agricultural Labourer  Prittlewell, Essex
 Isaac Barker  Son  Unm  Scholar  Eastwood, Essex
 Hannah Barker  Dau  Unm    Sutton, Essex
 Henry John Barker  Son  Unm    Sutton, Essex


 1861, North Street, Prittlewell, Essex  RG9 1084 f53 p23
 Mary A Barker  Head  Wid 51     Prittlewell, Essex
 Isaac J Barker  Son  Unm 21   Bricklayer  Eastwood, Essex
 Hannah Barker  Dau  Unm 15     Sutton, Essex
 Henry Barker  Son   12     Sutton, Essex
 Caroline Barker  Dau      Southend, Essex


 1871, East Street, Prittlewell, Essex  RG10 1668 f102 p33
 Mary A Barker  Head W 60   Laundress  Essex Prittlewell
 Samuel Barker  Son Um 40   Gardener  Essex Prittlewell
 Henry J Barker  Son Um 22   Gardener  Essex Prittlewell
 Caroline Barker  Dau   16   Servant  Essex Southend


 1881, 9 George Street, South Shoebury, Essex  RG11 1772 f60 p11+12
 John Hill  Head  Marr 28   Gunner Royal Artillery  Birmingham, Warwickshire
 Caroline Hill  Wife  Marr 26     Southend, Essex
 Mary Barker  Head  Wid 70   Formerly Laundress [Deaf]  South Church, Essex


 1861, 2 Rocliff(e) Street, Islington, Middlesex  RG9 148 f71 p65
 Ellen Barker Lodger Mar 23     Essex Purfleet
 William Barker Son      Essex Prittlewell


 1871, 8 Cavendish Place, Ramsgate, Kent  RG10 995 f113 p19
 William Barker  Head  Marr 38   Auctioneer &c  Prittlewell, Essex
 Ellen Barker  Wife  Marr 33     Benfleet, Essex
 William Barker  Son  Unm 11   Scholar  Prittlewell, Essex
 Ellen Barker  Dau  Unm  Scholar  Shoebury, Essex
 Sarah Barker  Dau  Unm  Scholar  Shoebury, Essex
 Alice Barker  Dau  Unm  Scholar  Shoebury, Essex
 Arthur Barker  Son  Unm  Scholar  Shoebury, Essex
 Eva Barker  Dau  Unm    Sittingbourne, Kent
 Jane Barker  Dau  Unm 4mo     Ramsgate, Kent


 1881, Greenstreet, Lynsted, Kent  RG11 971 f90 p10
 William Barker  Head  Marr 46   Fishmonger  Essex
 Eliza Barker  Wife  Marr 46   Dressmaker  Stepney, Middlesex
 Ellen Barker  Dau  Unm 18   Dressmaker  Shoeburyness, Essex
 Alice Barker  Dau   15   Scholar  Shoeburyness, Essex
 Arthur Barker  Son   14   Scholar  Sittingbourne, Kent
 Jane Barker  Dau   10   Scholar  Ramsgate, Kent
 Charles Barker  Son    Scholar  Ramsgate, Kent
 Harry Barker  Son    Scholar  Lynsted, Kent
 Jane Balis?  Visitor  Wid 72   Formerly Dressmaker  Essex


 1891, Greenstreet, Lynsted, Kent  RG12 715 f77 p8
 William Barker  Head  Marr 59   Greengrocer  Prittlewell Essex
 Eliza Barker  Wife  Marr 56   Dressmaker  London  Not Known
 Arthur Barker  Son  Unm 23   Baker  Kent Sittingbourne
 Jane Barker  Dau  Unm 20     Kent Ramsgate
 Charles Barker  Son  Unm 18   Baker  Kent Ramsgate
 Harry Barker  Son  Unm 16   Baker  Kent Lynsted


 1901, Greenstreet, Lynsted, Kent  RG13 806 f64 p14
 William Barker  Head  Marr 67   Greengrocer  Prittlewell  Essex
 Eliza Barker  Wife  Marr 66     Stepney  London
 Jane Barker  Dau  Unm 30     Ramsgate  Kent


 1891, 23 Westgate Road, Faversham, Kent  RG12 713 f138 p8
 Charles Croucher  Head M 26   Labourer in Brickyard  Kent Charing
 Ellen Croucher  Wife M 27   Dressmaker  Essex Shoebury
 William Croucher  Son      Kent Faversham
 Harry Croucher  Son      Kent Faversham
 Ellen Croucher  Dau      Kent Faversham


 1901, 115 Upper Bank, North Preston, Kent  RG13 803 f40 p19
 Charles Croucher  Head M 37   Brickyard General Labourer  Kent Charing
 Ellen Croucher  Wife M 38     Essex Shoebury
 William Croucher  Son   15   Brickyard General Labourer  Kent Faversham
 Harry Croucher  Son   13     Kent Faversham
 Ellen Croucher  Dau   11     Kent Faversham
 Charles Croucher  Son      Kent Faversham
 Dorothy Croucher  Dau      Kent Faversham
 Albert Croucher  Son      Kent Faversham


 1901, 15 King Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire  RG13 1004 f120 p13
 Charles Barker  Head M 28   Greengrocer  Kent Ramsgate
 Maud  Wife M 24     Hants Southsea


 1881, 2 Bedford Cottages, Islington, London, Middlesex  RG11 257 f86 p26
 George Barker  Head  Marr 44   Domestic Servant  Prittlewell, Essex
 Sophia Barker  Wife  Marr 43     Stowmarket, Suffolk
 George Barker  Son  Unm 19   Milk Carrier  Islington, Middlesex
 Ellen Barker  Dau  Unm 17     Islington, Middlesex
 Annie Barker  Dau   14   Domestic Servant  Islington, Middlesex
 Harry Barker  Son   13   Scholar  Islington, Middlesex
 Albert Barker  Son   10   Scholar  Islington, Middlesex
 Arthur Barker  Son    Scholar  Islington, Middlesex
 Charles Barker  Son    Scholar  Islington, Middlesex
 Frank Barker  Son    Scholar  Islington, Middlesex
 Albert Payne  Lodger   23   Domestic Servant  Southampton, Hampshire
 Mary Smith  Visitor   22     Islington, Middlesex


 1861, 9 Liverpool Cottages, Dorset Place, Islington, Middlesex  RG9 135 f78 p11
 Henry Jenkins Head Mar 24  Milkman  Kent, Boughton
 Elizabeth Jenkins Wife Mar 22    Sussex, Brighton
 Sarah Jenkins Daur Un 1    Middlesex, Islington
 Thomas Barker Lodger Un 22   Milkman  Essex, Southend
 Robert Phillips Border Un 14   Wharfingers Cl.  Sussex, Brighton


 1871, 142 Malden Road, Kentish Town, Middlesex  RG10 240 f82 p6
 Margaret Norman Head W 68     Devon Barrington
 George Badcock SinL Mar 37   Plate Layer ___?  Devon ______?
 Margaret Badcock Daur Mar 34     Devon High Bickington
 Thomas C Barker SinL ? 34   Bricklayer  Essex Prittlewell
 Thomas H C? Barker Gson      Middlesex St Pancras
 Emily S Barker Gdau      Middlesex St Pancras


 1881, 47 Sixth Avenue, Chelsea, London, Middlesex  RG11 90 f46 p16
 Thomas C Barker  Head  Marr 43   Bricklayer  Essex Southend
 Caroline Barker  Wife  Marr 47     Berks Englefield
 Thomas H Barker  Son   13   Scholar  Middx St Pancras
 Emily S Barker  Dau   12   Scholar  Middx St Pancras
 Jessie C Barker  Dau    Scholar  Middx St Pancras
 Florence L Barker  Dau    Scholar  Middx St Pancras


 1881, 31 Camden Villas, Shirland Road, Paddington, London, Middx.  RG11 9 f33 p25
 Isaac J Barker  Head  Marr 41   Builder  Eastwood, Essex
 Mary A Barker  Wife  Marr 23     Clapyates, Chepstow
 Isaac P Barker  Son  Unm 15   Apprentice Builder  Kentish Town
 Emma B Barker  Dau   11     Notting Hill
 Walter Barker  Son      Notting Hill
 Robert Barker  Son      Notting Hill
 Lily M A Barker  Dau      Notting Hill
 Ellen E E Barker  Dau   4m     Paddington


 1881, 80 Park Street, Prittlewell, Essex  RG11 1769 f94 p32
 Henry J Barker  Head  Marr 32   Gardener (D)  Sutton, Essex
 Annie Barker  Wife  Marr 28     Heybridge, Essex
 Frederick C Barker  Son    Scholar  Prittlewell, Essex
 Ellen Barker  Dau      Southend, Essex
 Letitia Barker  Dau   8m     Southend, Essex
 Henry Dyer  BinL  Unm 18   Carpenter  Heybridge, Essex

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