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Blower B
Families of Robert & Anna Blower, Mary Blower, William & Sarah Blower, and George & Hannah Blower

 1841, Ashill, Norfolk  HO107 785/14 f8 p10
 Robert Blower     40   Ag Lab  Yes
 Anne Blower     40     Yes
 Charlotte Blower     12     Yes
 Michael Blower        Yes
 Mary Blower        Yes
 Caroline Yull     20     Yes
 James Yull     75   Ag Lab  Yes


 1851, Ashill, Norfolk  HO107 1831 f424 p17
 Robert Blower  Head  Marr 50   Gardener  Ashill, Norfolk
 Anna Blower  Wife  Marr 52   Charwoman  Ashill, Norfolk
 Charlotte Blower  Dau  Unm 22   Dressmaker  Ashill, Norfolk
 Michael Blower  Son  Unm 18   Ag Lab  Ashill, Norfolk
 Mary Blower  Dau   12   Scholar  Ashill, Norfolk
 Maria Blower  Dau    Scholar  Ashill, Norfolk
 David Blower  Son    Scholar  Ashill, Norfolk
 Hermenia Blower  Gdau      Ashill, Norfolk
 James Yule  FinL  Wid 89   Pauper Lab  Ashill, Norfolk


 1881, Church Street, Ashill, Norfolk  RG11 2009 f66 p11
 Christopher Butters  Head  Wid 42   Ag Labourer  Ashill, Norfolk
 Elizabeth Butters  Dau   10   Scholar  Ashill, Norfolk
 Minnie Butters  Dau      Ashill, Norfolk
 Amelia Butters  Dau      Ashill, Norfolk
 Anna Blower  MinL  Wid 83     Ashill, Norfolk


 1851, Ashill, Norfolk  HO107 1831 f427 p22+23
 Charles Allcock  Head  Marr 40   Shepherd  Ashill, Norfolk
 Elizabeth Allcock  Wife  Marr 40     Shipdham, Norfolk
 Mary Blower  Lodger  Unm 35   Work in Field  Ashill, Norfolk
 William Blower  Lodger    Scholar  Swaffham Union Hse, Nfk.
 Thomas Blower  Lodger      Swaffham Union Hse, Nfk.


 1841, Ashill, Norfolk  HO107 785/14 f15 p23
 William Blower     20     Yes
 David Gray     15     Yes
 William Weston     15     Yes


 1851, Ashill, Norfolk  HO107 1831 f428 p25
 William Blower  Head  Marr 32   Shoemaker & Shop Keeper  Ashill, Norfolk
 Sarah Blower  Wife  Marr 31   Schoolmistress  Ashill, Norfolk


 1881, Church Street, Ashill, Norfolk  RG11 2009 f65 p10
 William Blower  Head  Marr 62   Retired Grocer & Farmer  Ashill, Norfolk
 Sarah Blower  Wife  Marr 61   Wife  Ashill, Norfolk


 1851, 2 Henfield Buildings, Heigham, Norwich, Norfolk  HO107 1816 f260 p13
 George Blower  Head  Marr 29   Porter  Ashill, Norfolk
 Hannah Blower  Wife  Marr 28     Edingthorpe, Norfolk
 George Blower  Son    Schl  Edingthorpe, Norfolk
 William Blower  Son      Norwich Heigham
 Louisa Blower  Vist   17     Norwich St Giles


 1881, Hay Market, Norwich St Peter Mancroft, Norfolk  RG11 1947 f112 p17
 George Blower  Head  Marr 60   Grocers Assistant  Ashill, Norfolk
 Hannah Blower  Wife  Marr 59     Edingthorpe, Norfolk
 Sarah Blower  Dau  Unm 24   Dressmaker  Norwich, Norfolk
 Agnes Blower  Gdau   11   Scholar  London, Middlesex


 1881, 17 Malt Street, Camberwell, Surrey  RG11 699 f29 p53
 George Blower  Head  Marr 37   Brewers Traveller  Edenthorpe, Norfolk
 Martha Blower  Wife  Marr 36     Camberwell, Surrey
 Emily Blower  Dau   10   Scholar  Camberwell, Surrey
 Louisa Blower  Dau    Scholar  Camberwell, Surrey
 Alice Blower  Dau    Scholar  Newington, Surrey
 George Blower  Son    Scholar  Camberwell, Surrey
 William Blower  Son      Camberwell, Surrey


 1881, High Street, Heigham, Norfolk  RG11 1949 f106 p9
 William Blower  Head  Marr 32   Solicitors Managing Clerk  Norwich, Norfolk
 Louisa Blower  Wife  Marr 30     Frettenham, Norfolk
 Minnie L. Blower  Dau      Norwich, Norfolk
 Evelyn Blower  Dau      Norwich, Norfolk


 1881, 51 Oxford Street, Litchurch, Derbyshire  RG11 3401 f83 p9
 John Goodwin  Head  Marr 33   Coach Maker  Derby
 Sarah Ann Goodwin  Wife  Marr 32     Wisbeach, Norfolk
 John Henry Goodwin  Son   12   Scholar  Derby
 William Goodwin  Son   10   Scholar  Derby
 George Goodwin  Son    Scholar  Derby
 Charles Goodwin  Son    Scholar  Derby
 Kate Ellen Goodwin  Dau    Scholar  Derby
 Mark Goodwin  Son      Derby
 Albert Blower Boarder   26   Coach Maker  Higham, Norfolk

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