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  25 Oct 2019 (5272 persons on tree)
Added Susanna PRECY, daughter of Charles & Hannah PRECY, Highworth, 1703
Added John FARMER, and his marriage to Elizabeth ALLEN, Pangbourne, 1746
Will transcript for John FARMER, Pangbourne, 1775
Will transcript for John ALLEN, Henley on Thames, 1814
Added Daniel, Thomas and Jonathan, children of John & Sarah ALLEN, Henley on Thames, 1771-1779
Added marriage details for Jonathan SILLS and Frances ALLEN, Westminster, 1756
Added Ephraim MATTHEWS, and his marriage to Elizabeth ALLEN, Pangbourne, 1794
Added Fanny MATTHEWS, daughter of Ephraim & Elizabeth MATTHEWS, Pangbourne, 1795
Added George, Richard, Henry and Elizabeth, children of Ephraim & Elizabeth MATTHEWS, Reading, 1797-1806
Added Ann RANDALL, and her marriage to Ephraim MATTHEWS, Reading, 1808
Added William, Sarah, John and Edward, children of Ephraim & Ann MATTHEWS, London, 1812-1817
Added Ephraim, Ann, Eliza and Caroline, children of Ephraim & Ann MATTHEWS, Reading, 1820-1829
Added Sarah POPE, wife of Samuel SILLS, probably married at Quebec, Canada, c.1760
Added Sarah, Jonathan and John, children of Samuel & Sarah SILLS, Quebec City, Canada, c.1760-1769
Added Joseph, Mary, Edward, Edward and Dorothy, children of Samuel & Sarah SILLS, Trois-Rivières, Canada, 1771-1781
Added Erna MULLER, and her marriage to Henry Huskisson 'De WITT', Washington, USA, 1874
Added Charlotte GEORGE, and her marriage to Henry Huskisson 'De WITT', New York, USA, 1900
Added Lily HALLIWELL, daughter of Charlotte George, born Southport, 1893
Added (forename unknown) HALLIWELL, father of Lily HALLIWELL
Census transcript for Henry Huskisson & Charlotte 'De WITT', Southport, 1901
Census transcript for (Adelaide) Amy WITT, Epsom, 1911

1 Sep 2019 (5239)
Added William HAGGER, son of John & Alice HAGGER, Kelshall, c.1755
Added Elizabeth and William, children of Thomas & Sarah HAGGER, Therfield, 1759-1770
Added Rose STEPHENS, and her marriage to Walter WITT, Walworth, 1894
Added Thomas, Martha, Ellen, Harriet, Jane, Minnie, and May, children of William & Harriet E WEBSTER, 1883-1897
Added Simon PARKINSON, and his marriage to Alice Jane WITT, Liverpool, 1899
Added James GLOVER, and his marriage to Mary WITT, Liverpool, 1881
Added James, Martha, and William, children of James & Mary GLOVER, Liverpool, 1883-1886
Added Thomas TOIRMEY, and his marriage to Mary GLOVER, Liverpool, 1893
Added Alice, Thomas, Elsie, Ethel, William, Peter, and Mary, children of Thomas & Mary TOIRMEY, 1894-1904
Added Minnie Gertrude WELSH, and her marriage to Peter Hesketh TOIRMEY, Fulham, 1942
Added Sydney A SERGEANT, and his marriage to Mary TOIRMEY, Liverpool, 1933
Added Eliza HUTTON, and her marriage to Henry Witt BARRATT, Westminster, 1867
Added Eleanor, William, Arthur, Cecilia, Eveline, Charles, Kate, Frank, Ernest, Amy,
Florence, and Leonard, children of Henry W & Eliza BARRATT, 1869-1886
Added George HARPER, and his marriage to Fanny Jane BARRATT, Lambeth, 1874
Added Harriet McCANN, and her marriage to Charles Thomas BARRATT, Holborn, 1878
Added Thomas ELLIOTT, and his marriage to Hannah Eliza BARRATT, London, 1876
Added Alice, Agnes, Florence, Mabel, Albert, Frederick, Gertrude, Adelaide,
and Harold, children of Thomas & Hannah Eliza ELLIOTT, 1879-1897
Added Harriette BLOOMFIELD, and her marriage to James William BARRATT, Holborn, 1888
Added Arthur, Dorothy, and Lena, children of James W & Harriette BARRATT, 1890-1897
Added John William CLARKE, and his marriage to Eleanor K E BARRATT, Southwark, 1887
Added Eleanor, John, Elsie, Rose, Percy, Herbert, Frank, Ivy, Florence, Katharine, Charles,
Henry, and Ethel, children of John W & Eleanor K E CLARKE, 1889-1909
Added Annie Alice HURLEY, and her marriage to William H G BARRATT, Southwark, 1889
Added William, Alice, Elizabeth, Ethel, Beatrice, and John, children of William H G & Annie A BARRATT, 1891-1904
Added [forename unknown] GENTRY, daughter of James & Mary GENTRY, East London, 1865
Added Matilda Sarah STAPLES, and her marriage to James Witt GENTRY, Mile End, 1879
Added Frederick, Florence, Thomas, and George, children of James W & Matilda S GENTRY, 1880-1893
Added Annie Maria ROGERS, and her marriage to Mark GENTRY, Bloomsbury, 1884
Added Robert, Valentine, Violet, James, Dora, Jesse, Maud, May, Mark, Eric,
and Frederick, children of Mark & Annie Maria GENTRY, 1885-1908
Added Alice Mary BALDRY, and her marriage to Frederick Reeve GENTRY, Southwark, 1897
Added Winifred, Frederick, and Elsie, children of Frederick R & Alice M GENTRY, 1898-1908
Added Sophia Louisa WRYGHTE, and her marriage to John Arthur GENTRY, Clerkenwell, 1892
Added Mary, Eleanor, and Leonard, children of John A & Sophia L GENTRY, 1892-1906
Added Thomas George ATTERTON, son James F & Hannah ATTERTON, Shoreditch, 1869
Added Ellen BENSON, and her marriage to James F ATTERTON, Mile End Old Town, 1871
Added Emma Elizabeth Ann THOMAS, and her marriage to Charles W ATTERTON, Reading RD, 1885
Added Edwin, Lucy, Dorothy, and Kathleen, children of Charles W & Emma E A ATTERTON, 1886-1896
Added Elizabeth PENNY, and her marriage to James F ATTERTON, Islington, 1892
Created new census page (Witt D) for the family of Charles & Jane WITT

22 Apr 2017 (5129)
Added Elizabeth Ann ORCHARD, and her marriage to James Henry MILLS, Hammersmith, 1849
Added Robert MILLS or ORCHARD, son of James & Elizabeth MILLS, Hammersmith, 1842
Added Esther MARTIN, and her marriage to Robert MILLS, Paddington, 1869
Added Sarah (surname unknown), the apparent second wife of Robert MILLS
Added Alice (surname unknown), the apparent third wife of Robert MILLS
Added Elizabeth MILLS, daughter of Robert & Alice MILLS, Hammersmith, 1896
Added Edward BRYAN, and his marriage to Emily MILLS, Cripplegate, 1840
Added Emily, Robert, and Emily, children of Edward & Emily BRYAN, London, 1842-1847
Added Charles, James, and William, children of James & Hannah ATTERTON, Shoreditch, 1861-1865
Added Charlie, Edith, and Margaret, children of George & Charlotte HOLMES, Cheshire, 1863-1867
Added Sarah LOWE, and her marriage to George HOLMES, Liverpool, 1841
Added Adrian, George, John, William, Thomas, George, Septimus, and Octavius,
children of George & Sarah HOLMES, Liverpool & Cheshire, 1842-1850
Added Jane GLEAVE, and her marriage to George HOLMES, Altrincham, 1852
Added John and Martha, children of George & Jane HOLMES, Seacombe, 1853-1856
Added the marriage of Daniel ROBERTS and Charlott Witt HOLMES, Portsea RD, 1895
Added William, Olga, and Daniel, children of Daniel & Charlotte W ROBERTS, 1896-1900
Added Lillian C D JONES, and her marriage to Daniel E P ROBERTS, Liverpool, 1926
Added John ROBERTS, son of William & Margaret ROBERTS, St Helens, 1863-1864
Added Burdon ANTHONY, and his marriage to Letitia Elizabeth WITT, West Derby, 1875
Added George, Herbert, and Ethel, children of Burdon & Letitia E ANTHONY, Lancashire, 1863-1867
Added John Chaigneau COLVILL, and his marriage to Letitia E ANTHONY, Hambledon RD, 1898
Added Mary Ann WITT, daughter of George & Caroline WITT, Shoreditch, 1848-1849
Added Edward John WITT, son of George & Matilda WITT, Shoreditch, 1866-1868
Added Frederick WHITE, and his marriage to Alice WITT, Shoreditch, 1856
Added Alice, Ellen, Alice, William, Amelia, Frederick, Caroline, Thomas, and Thomas,
children of Frederick & Alice WHITE, Shoreditch, 1856-1867
Added Thomas HOMER, second partner Alice WITT (no marriage found)
Added Thomas, Thomas, Emma, Richard, Caroline, Emma, Henry, Lily, and Emma,
children of Thomas HOMER & Alice WITT, Shoreditch, 1870-1881
Added Charles Richard HARRIS, and his marriage to Elizabeth WITT, Bethnal Green, 1878
Added George HARRIS, son of Charles R & Elizabeth HARRIS, Holborn, 1879
Added Henry Edward CURRAN, and his marriage to Emma WITT, Finsbury, 1883
Added Carolina, Rose, Lavinia, Alice, and Edward, children of Henry & Alice CURRAN, Shoreditch, 1884-1897
Added Margaret PARKINS, daughter of James & Alice PARKINS, London, 1838
Will transcript for John LUBSON, St Martin in the Fields, 1757

12 Mar 2017 (5060)
Added Florence Hilda WEBB, and her marriage to Arthur Robert OVERTON, Ilford, 1948
Added Joseph SMART, and his marriage to Ivy May OVERTON (nee HAGGER), Essex SW, 1960
Added Alice Maud BUTLER, daughter of Thomas John & Eliza Ann BUTLER, Stepney, 1878-1879
Added Charles ALLEN, and his marriage to Florence BUTLER, Bow Common, 1901
Added Charles, William, Florence, and May, children of Charles & Florence ALLEN, Limehouse, 1903-1908
Added Harriet DUNAWAY, and her marriage to Charles Christopher HANCOCK, Bermondsey, 1899
Added Alice Ellen WATTS, and her marriage to Francis Edward HANCOCK, Chelsea, 1896
Added Ellen (aka Nelly) CORDELL, and her marriage to Frederick Edward TRENCHARD, Bishopstoke, 1897
Added Gladys and Alfred, children of James J & Helen M TRENCHARD, Hampshire, 1897-1903
Added Edward Arthur RATTUE, and his marriage to Gladys H M TRENCHARD, South Stoneham, 1923
Added Mary E GIBBS, and her marriage to Alfred J TRENCHARD, Kensington, 1933
Added James CANTWELL, son of Edward & Eliza Sarah CANTWELL, Strand, 1841
Added Mary Ann HARRISON, and her marriage to Jacob Henry John ULLINGER, Limehouse, 1909
Added William TIMKEY, and his marriage to Mary Ann HARRISON, Bethnal Green, 1887
Added Elizabeth Ellen MATTHEWS, and her marriage to Henry Daniel ULLINGER, Poplar, 1890
Added Henry, John, and Elizabeth, children of Henry & Elizabeth ULLINGER, Limehouse,1893-1908
Added Emma, Daniel and Eleanor, children of John & Emma ULLINGER, Limehouse,1891-1907
Added Evan Morgan JONES, and his marriage to Elizabeth Sophia ULLINGER, Limehouse, 1908
Added Louis JONES, son of Evan Morgan & Elizabeth Sophia JONES, Limehouse,1911
Added James GILES, and his marriage to Emma Louisa ULLINGER, Limehouse, 1911
Added Emma Louisa GILES, daughter of James & Emma Louisa GILES, Limehouse,1911
Added Arthur GIBSON, and his marriage to Eleanor Sophia ULLINGER, Limehouse, 1889
Added Arthur, Harry, William, Walter, John, James, Edward, Ellen, Mary, Charles, and George,
children of Arthur & Eleanor Sophia GIBSON, Mile End Old Town,1889-1911
Added Mary Ann (surname unknown), and her marriage to Philip ULLINGER, c.1902
Added Philip and Mary Louisa, children of Philip & Mary Ann ULLINGER, Limehouse,1906-1909
Added John Thomas HAGON, and his marriage to Mary ULLINGER, Limehouse, 1897
Added John, William, Henry, Mary, Edward, Elizabeth, Florence, Edith, and Arthur,
children of John & Mary HAGON, Limehouse & Poplar,1889-1915
Added Henry SANSUM, and his marriage to Sophia KNAUF, Limehouse, 1902
Added Henry, James, Sophia, Albert, Charles, and John,
children of Henry & Sophia SANSUM, Limehouse,1903-1919

3 Feb 2017 (4999)
Added Margaret, Henry, Francis and Robert, children of Henry J & Alice R LOUNSBURY, New York, 1932-1936
Added Peter Joseph CHICHITANO, husband of Margaret LOUNSBURY, 1921-2000
Added Virginia 'Pinky' FELTMAN, and her marriage to Henry Joseph LOUNSBURY, New York, 1955
Added Nancy, Cathy and Cheryl, children of Henry J & Virginia LOUNSBURY, New York, 1956-1963
Added Wayne Arnold PIPER, and his marriage to Cathy Lyn LOUNSBURY, Maine, USA, 1977
Added 1925 Letter from Cappoquin to Michael CONDON in the USA
Added Margaret Maurant VENEMENT, and her marriage to William Thomas CONDON, St Helier, 1925
Added Hannah TRENCHARD, daughter of Jacob & Hannah TRENCHARD, Taunton, 1825
Added Henry TRENCHARD, apparent father of Eva Sarah TRENCHARD, St Helier, 1885
Added Eva Sarah TRENCHARD, daughter of 'Henry' & Olivia Emma TRENCHARD, St Helier, 1885
Added Charles Rowland TRENCHARD, son John F E & Mary A TRENCHARD, St Helier, 1875-1876
Added Charles Christopher HANCOCK, and his marriage to Louisa Sarah TRENCHARD, St Saviour, Jersey, 1860
Added Albert C, Francis E, Henry, Charles C, George F, Emma J, and Frederick W,
children of Charles C & Louisa S HANCOCK, Jersey & Bermondsey, 1861-1875
Added Helene Marie VETIER, and her marriage to James Joseph TRENCHARD, St Helier, 1896
Added Augustine FOSSEY, wife of Frederick Edward TRENCHARD
Added Ada Amelia TRENCHARD, daughter of Frederick E & Augustine TRENCHARD, St Helier, 1915
Added William Henry and Lewis George, twin sons of William H & Phebe SHAYLER, St Helier, 1849
Added Anna, Frederick, Herbert, Georgiana, Rose Ann, Eva Jane, and William Henry,
children of Thomas & Martha DEAN, Somerset, 1851-1865
Added John SNOOK, and his marriage to Phoebe DEAN, probably Jersey, c.1880
Added John James A and William Thomas P, sons of John & Phoebe SNOOK, Old Netley, Hants, 1881-1883
Added Robert Francis MORGAN, and his marriage to Lilian Ada TRENCHARD, probably Jersey, c.1904
Added Herbert Frederick Robert MORGAN, son of Robert F & Lilian A MORGAN, Aldgate, London, 1905
Added David R and Terence, sons of Robert & Louisa Sarah JACOBS, West Ham, 1925-1930
Census transcript for James Eli & Sarah TRENCHARD, and family, St Helier, 1851
Census transcript for Ellen TRENCHARD, St Clement, Jersey, 1851
Census transcript for Eva Sarah TRENCHARD, Buxted, Sussex, 1901
Census transcript for Charles C & Louisa S HANCOCK, and family, St Helier, 1861
Census transcript for Charles C & Louisa S HANCOCK, and family, Rotherhithe, 1871
Census transcripts for children of Charles C & Louisa S HANCOCK, various locations, 1881
Census transcript for William & Phebe SHAYLER, and family, St Helier, 1851
Census transcript for Phebe SHAYLER (widow), St Helier, 1861
Census transcripts for Thomas & Martha DEAN, and family, Somerset, 1851-1871
Census transcripts for Martha DEAN (widow), and family, Aller, Somerset, 1881-1891
Census transcripts for John & Phoebe SNOOK, and family, Hampshire & Jersey, 1881-1901

18 Dec 2016 (4957)
Added John WILSON, first husband of Margaret A CURRAN, born Ireland, c.1855
Added John, James, Thomas F and Elizabeth, children of John & Margaret WILSON, New York, 1879-1887
Added Marta Eugenia (Jeanne) CARLSON, wife of John WILSON, 1885-1957
Added Jeanne Agnes WILSON, daughter of John & Marta Eugenia WILSON, New York, 1904-1992
Added Anna Lucretia WARDELL, wife of Thomas F WILSON, 1891-1984
Added Thomas F, John T and Margaret Anne, children of Thomas F & Anna L WILSON, New York, 1912-1930
Added Thomas Francis ROONEY, husband of Elizabeth WILSON, 1889-1963
Added Patricia M, Thomas M, Margaret M and James, children of Thomas F & Elizabeth ROONEY, New York, 1910-1915
Will transcript for Michael CONDON, New York, USA, 1926
Census transcript for James & Catherine CULLINANE, and family, St Helier, 1901

13 Dec 2016 (4941)
Added Alice, Mary, Honora, Johanna, William and Bridget, children of William & Mary CONDON, Cappoquin, 1828-1846
Added Mary Ellen, daughter of Thomas & Ellen CONDON, St Helier, c.1906
Added Raymond REED, and his marriage to Mary Ellen CONDON, St Helier, 1929
Added Robert JACOBS, and his marriage to Louisa Sarah CONDON, née SHIPLEY, West Ham, 1925
Added Margaret A CURRAN, second wife of Michael CONDON, 1856-1920
Added William Joseph, Alice Rosetta and Michael Aloysius, children of Michael & Margaret CONDON, New York, 1892-1899
Added Catherine V NOLAN, wife William Joseph CONDON, 1889-1979
Added Margaret Ellen, William Aloysius and John Francis, children of William J & Catherine V CONDON, New York, 1915-1921
Added Charles Edward STEWART, and his marriage to Margaret Ellen CONDON, New York, 1935
Added Dorothy Elizabeth WASHBURN, and her marriage to William Aloysius CONDON, New York, 1945
Added Henry Joseph LOUNSBURY, husband of Alice Rosetta CONDON, 1896-1954
Added Mary McCURRY, wife of Michael Aloysius CONDON, 1904-1979

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